Give you real-time visibility into the entire admissions recruitment process, access detailed reports by users,
by courses, by geography, by counts, and more.

Marketing Analytics

Success through Analysis - Measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Real time Analytics for better targeting

Determine ideal subject lines, finding the Optimal times to Send communications to send more effective.

communications thus boosting your open rate and click rate. In short, our marketing automation software delivers better analytics for better targeting, higher response rates, and improved ROI.

Lead Trend and Analytics

From lead sources to daily lead trends to stage-wise lead status, get every piece of information you need about your leads to run effective campaigns.

Application Trend and Analytics

From daily application trends to application stage -wise distribution get every piece of information about your applications to engage with them and get higher conversions.

Marketing Campaign Analytics

The different traffic channels (direct, organic, Adwords, social, referral, publisher can all be seen and compared in one single view, no other Campaign tracking platform provides you this facility to view everything in one snapshot.

Compare their performance on basis of leads and applications that these channels have brought in. Also dig in deeper with the Verified and Unverified lead status.

Student Quality Index (SQI)

Student Quality Index provides Institute a quick snapshot of the Applicants profile based on Academics, Work-experience, Demographic parameters etc. e.g. Board-wise segregation and percentage marks distribution, Geographical diversification etc.

Lead Qualification

Identify the most promising ones from the vast pool of captured leads; the ones most likely to convert, and the first among equals!

Lead Profile: Consortium of Lead activities

Summarize your leads based on their data and actions they perform, in a unified view. Track every lead interaction to understand their interests, lead-counselor contact quality viz. calls, follow-ups, remarks etc.; automatically append activity summaries to the profile, enabling teams to perform relevant and personalized communication with every lead.

Highly Customizable Behavioral Scoring Criteria

Highly Customizable Behavioral Scoring Criteria

A lead score is a numerical expression of a lead potential. It quantifies behavior and information into a metric that can be interpreted to automatically channel leads to the right bucket .

Actions like opening an email,clicking on the link provided in the email, registering for an application, visiting your website, add to a lead’s overall score.

Knowing who is a good fit for you allows you to market more efficiently and reallocate your valuable time to the leads that are more likely to be converted . Identify your hottest leads — before the competition does.

Comparative Standing: Engagement Strength

Engagement Strength is a statistical measure indicating the comparative standing of a particular lead in the vast lead pool. No filter, no sorting Engagement Strength helps you depict which Lead is more interested (likely to convert) within the pool. The higher the strength, the faster the chances of conversion.

Engagement Strength
Lead Qualification Benefits

Qualitative segmentation of large enquiries (leads) databases.


Better qualification of leads for quick, personalised, and timely communication.


Higher conversion rate by reaching out to low hanging fruits.


Higher productivity thanks to efficient prioritization that allows a solid qualification of lead pipeline.

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