St. Xavier's College (Mumbai) was founded in 1869 and is one of the most prestigious liberal arts and science colleges in India. It has been consistently ranked among the Top 3 colleges in India for the study of sciences by 'India Today' magazine.

St. Xavier's College receives over 20,000 applications each year making its paper-based application process expensive, cumbersome and error-prone.

Key Challenges

Heavy Application Volume
St. Xavier's College in Mumbai receives over 20,000 applications annually. The admissions team has to work around the clock to review the applications before the merit lists are to be announced to selected candidates.
Short Review Timeframe
Admissions officers have to review all applications and render decisions within a month of the initial application deadline. This results in absolute chaos each year for both applicants and admissions officers.
Inaccuracies & Errors
Due to the sheer number of paper applications, it is difficult for the college to manage enrollments efficiently resulting in erroneous entries and lack of transparency in the overall admissions process.

Client Sign In

Frazer Mascarenhas, Principal of St. Xavier's College, signed up with NoPaperForms to move away from a paper-based application process. At the same time, Dr. Mascarenhas wished to cut overheads related to printing, sorting, distributing and storing paper application forms.

With NoPaperForms' enrollment management platform, the college was setup to receive applications online in less than 15 minutes.


Performance Speak

Frazer Mascarenhas
Frazer Mascarenhas
Head of Institution,
St. Xavier's College

We commend the NoPaperForms team's professionalism, strong on-site and online support, and problem resolution efforts. We are pleased to endorse their system and look forward to a long-term working relationship with NoPaperForms

Maximizing Impact

Processing time (Paper based Form)
Processing time (With Nopaperform Platform)

NoPaperForms permanently changed how St. Xavier's College manages its enrollments. Merit lists of accepted applicants were created in just hours, as opposed to weeks earlier, based on electronic data. Admission-related overheads were reduced by nearly 90% and admissions officers reported processing applications 10x faster as compared to the offline process.