Cloud Telephony

Generate verified lead records instantly from your enquiry calls with NoPaperForms’ CRM and Cloud Telephony Integration.



Easy to Integrate with the choice of your telephony system. Automatically capture all inbound calls, missed calls as leads. Make calls, record calls, track, and analyze performance of your leads and listen to call recordings on a single platform. Save time and nurture your leads with the power of OneView system efficiently.

Click to Call

One click call to drive outreach. Initiate outbound calls to your leads for any kind of marketing, or support activities with just a button click. Trigger a call between your agent (counsellors or staffs) and leads at the click of a button. All the call logs are recorded to provide you the power of monitoring the counsellors performance.

Click to Call
Call Routing

Call routing

Route calls to individual counsellors or queues calls based on pre-established criteria such as the time of day when a caller dials, the lead stage: hot, cold, or warm etc., the lead stage, or simply in a round robin fashion.

Missed Call Service

Keep track of all missed calls as leads in your centralised lead pool. Access missed call detail records in real time.

Run "Missed call campaigns" and pass on leads to counsellors for faster engagement!

Missed Call Service
Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Get key metrics, understand performance and optimise your operations with cloud telephony. Get detailed reports with data including call volumes the number of calls missed, agent productivity, duration of calls, and a lot more.

Cloud Telephony Benefits

Reduces the chances of downtimes due to issues like fibre cuts, roads getting dug up, and physical outages with a highly reliable cloud telephony system.


Keep adding users, virtual numbers, call flows as you grow


Simple APIs, allowing quick integration with existing software.


Experience the utilities of swift reach outs to your leads and diminish conversion time rationally!

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