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NoPaperForms is brought to you by the team of Pathfinder Publishing Private Ltd, India's leading education services provider with over 6 million active users and 9,000+ institutional partners.

As India's first user-driven enrollment automation platform, mission of NoPaperForms is to make the entire admission process better and faster for both academic institutions and applicants while reducing costs.

This online admission management platform built on the model of Software-as-a-Service, reduces operational cost, minimizes administrative hassles and makes admission process completely paperless.

NoPaperForms offers admission officers a simple, efficient and inexpensive platform that allows them to receive and manage applications online with a click of mouse.


  • Decreasing footfall in Campus during admission cycle, difficulties in reaching out to prospective students
  • All paper-based process, no analytics, no business intelligence
  • Short time-frame to process all applications
  • Increased administrative cost to manage admission process, wastage of time and resources
  • Paper-based process, huge printing and storage cost of Application forms, increased communication cost - courier, BTL activities


  • Go online , publish your admission forms , increased reach to bigger set of prospective students
  • Paperless , rapid analytics , custom reporting as required
  • Manage large volume of application with click of mouse
  • One person can manage entire admission process
  • Paperless process, no need of printing, no storage cost , integrated communication tool

Prime Modules

NoPaperForms mainly focuses on 3 prime processes and services which increases productivity and boosts efficiency with respect to time and cost.

Pre-admission Processes

  • Online Form Submission Application
  • Analysis & Management

Day to Day Operation

  • Brochure Management
  • Payment management
  • Admit card generation

Student Communication

  • Notifications/Updates
  • Email/SMS

Admission analytics engine of NoPaperForms helps institutes analyze various admission trends by providing them rapid business intelligence backed by strong data analysis; and enabling them to take informed decisions.

Simultaneously, it also gives institutes an easy platform to connect with student at each stage of admission process offering them a mode of effective follow-up that leads to significantly better conversion rate.

The solutions related to admission processes at NoPaperForms have been designed in close cooperation with admission directors at top academic institutions across India to help institutions increase their outreach capabilities, enhance recruitment efforts, expand customer service offerings, and improve end results.

Currently, we have a strong clientele that includes top B-schools and universities across India and hope to deploy the platform in 500+ colleges very soon. With our market reach coupled with investments in technology and product, we are here to cater to our ever-growing list of clients with our innovative online enrollment and admission solutions.

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