NoPaperForms for Admission Counseling Teams

Counseling is more than just making cold-calls or selling. Focus on conversations as you Nurture and Engage your prospective students all while improving their efficiency by up to 45%

The all-in-one solution for your Admission Counselors to focus on student conversions


Contextualize nurturing and prioritize efforts


Manage the complete Enquiry to Enrolment Cycle


Track everyday progress with Real Time Analytics


Counseling on-the-go with In-app Calling


Scale your counseling efforts to set enviable benchmarks

Counselors are the first point of contact of your institution to your prospective students. So, it’s important to make sure you do it right. Move beyond traditional student engagements to empower your counselors to convert more with concentrated efforts.

Enhance your Nurturing and Prioritize your Efforts

Star-counselors are quick and relevant. With NoPaperForms, do more than sending regular or bulk communications. Track every prospect to their stage in current the funnel: communicate and nurture accordingly. Never miss out on opportunities as you prioritize your efforts with real time Lead Scoring and Funnelling, Intent Verification, Engagement Metrics and more.

Lead Score/Strength
Lead Verification

Verify the intent of your prospects even before you give them a call. With an industry first Lead Verification mechanism, you know which students are more interested so that you can optimise your calling process.

Advance Filters

Using the advanced search and filtering options, fish out leads based on multiple criteria and conditions. Create your own Pipeline based on who has started the form, is nearing payment, or is ready to proceed to the next stage.

Lead Score/Strength
Lead Score/Strength

Most often, the very first question that counselors have is who do I call first? Statistically measure the comparative standing of a particular lead in the lead pool to know who’s more likely to convert.

Thousands of Admission Counselors at over 400+ institutions are scaling their efforts to convert more. Are your counselors rightly equipped?
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Candidate Profile, at your fingertips!

Searching for the most promising prospective students is more tiring! You don’t have to! With quick access to your lead and candidate profiles, you could get straight to action in seconds. From Lead Activity to Communication Logs, Telephony Recordings to the pin-pointing the current stage of the student, it’s all there. Juggling isn’t your job after all. Enable Hyper personalised nurturing based on the student’s current stage in the enrolment journey.

One-view Lead Profile

A consolidated view of your prospective students that automatically appends activity summaries for you to identify bottlenecks and opportunities.

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Streamlined Actions

Never miss a track of your interactions with your prospective students as the system automatically logs notes, followups, emails, and calls. Know when a followup is due or, add one while on a call! Leave sticky notes to desks!

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Our record with equipping Admission Counseling Teams
Users Empowered
Upto 45%
Efficiency Optimised

Visibility, at its maximum!

As you chase productivity every day with your relentless efforts, it’s important to have the right tools to quickly assess your performance and further ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. It is where we bring insights to action and visibility to performance as you redefine and improve upon your action-plans!

Counselor Dashboards

Know what’s vying for attention or action with the one-view console. Delve deeper into the Allocation Snapshot, Lead, and Application Sub-stage segregations to measure the results your efforts bring!

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Never miss an opportunity

With a pipeline view to all your followups whether upcoming, completed, or due you could leverage the Followup Dashboard to find success with your counseling efforts

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Seamlessly Manage Teams

Track the impact that your counseling team is bringing with real time counselor wise lead disposition reports. Benchmark Performances and identify the gaps to take corrective measures on the go.

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Thousands of Admission Counselors at over 400+ institutions are scaling their efforts to convert more. Are your counselors rightly equipped?
Join them now!

Admission Counseling, on-the-go!

Untie your counseling teams from the desk to make admissions support and nurturing mobile, contactless, and more importantly successful! Bring in a greater degree of flexibility while extending numerous benefits for your counselors to drive and scale your admissions.

In-App Calling

Phone cables don’t extend enough. With the NoPaperForms Mobile App, you could equip your counselors to make and manage calls to your prospective students anywhere, anytime. Integrate your telephony if you would want to!

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Smart Caller IDs

Your counselors could know when a prospect has called as they could further quickly access the lead profile to know more. Jolt down notes or schedule a follow-up.

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Dashboards made mobile!

Equip and empower your counselor to keep a track of their everyday progress wth leads and applications. Followups, reminders, and notes it is all available realtime for them to maximize their productivity.

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NoPaperForms has done an amazing job with Galgotias University to streamline the entire admission processes. We weren’t able to identify student issues or drop rates, NPF has helped us in not only monitoring the performance of our teams, but also helped us identify and course correct ourselves all throughout the admissions season.

– Megha Varhsney, Manager Admissions, Galgotias University

The Comprehensive Tool -kit for high performing Counselling teams

Equip and Empower them to focus on the thing that matters the most: Student Conversions

Nurture and communicate effectively

Do more than regular or bulk communications. Delight your prospective students with contextualized support!

Track student-journeys

Track every prospective student to their stage in the admission funnel to identify bottlenecks and discover opportunities with a one-view candidate profile.

Benchmark performances-01
Advanced Filters

Slice and dice through the data using advanced filters to find leads you’re exactly looking for!

Target-Personalize Omnichannel-01

Working remotely or continuously on the move? Make or manage calls, add followups and notes, and more all from your mobile phone!

Prioritize efforts

Identify the most promising leads from the pool to rightly prioritize your efforts.

Take your Marketing with you-01
Track Progress

Measure and Analyze performances with detailed lead-disposition and allocation summaries to strategize your action-plans

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