NoPaperForms for Finance Teams

Leave silos and excel sheets behind, focus on managing Admission fee payments.

The One Platform for Finance Teams to manage all payments


Manage all Admission, Exam, Hostel Fees among other various Payments


Enable Payments through Multiple Gateways with fallback options


Seamlessly Reconcile Fee Payments


Track ROI real-time with an advanced Payment Dashboard


Equip your teams to stay on top of Admission Finances

There’s so much for your Finance teams to Manage. It only makes it important for them to never miss a pulse to keep your admission’s and further your Institution’s bottomline intact.

Bring in ease of administration with managing Multiple Fee Payments

While we do make it easy for your prospective students to make fee payments, we make it easier for your teams to manage as many types of payments as you might have. So whether it’s the Application Fee, Exam Fee, Hostel Fee or Fees with Flexible Payment Options you have it all to configure and sitback once you have as the platform does the heavy-lifting.

Token Fee Payments made easy

Configure, Manage and allow your students to make token fee payments from the comfort of their phones or personal devices.

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Automate Payment Receipts

Time’s the essence, so we make it easy for you to automate post-payment confirmation and communications at a click!

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Dynamic Fee Collections

Variable fees based on student’s preferences about course, hostel and more?Set up a conditional block hassle-free.

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Admission Finance Teams have optimized upto 40% of their efficiency across these institutions. Are your teams rightly equipped to begin?
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Setup Multiple Payment Gateways in no time

With the biggest possible gamut of payment options to choose and set up, you could effortlessly make admission fee payments quick and accessible for your prospective students without breaking a sweat.

Master Payment Gateway System (MPGS)

Automate gateway selection and preferences based on server availability.

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Configure Fall-back Options

Problems with a gateway as a student is making the payment? Our platform can swap it with a functional one automatically in seconds!

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Track all your Admission Fee Payments in a single view

With an easy to read synopsis of all Fee Payments, you could Categorize and Track Fee Payments to their Applications real-time. What’s more? Manage the various stages of your student’s life cycle effortlessly in a click to Approve Payments, Allocate GD-PI or further communicate their exam or offer letters. All, without having to switch between multiple tabs!

Real-time Payment Summary

See through details of all products sold including application fee, token fee, test preparation packs, physical brochures, and more.

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Our record with helping Admission Finance Teams scale their efforts
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The most-comprehensive set of tools for your Admission Finance Teams

Seamlessly embed controls, streamline and optimize processes and gain real-time visibility

One stop solution

Configure as many different types of fess to be collected through as many types of forms: whether multi-step, bulk among many others.

Map student-journeys-01
Payment Summaries

Get an easy to read synopsis of all payments received and manage the student journey ahead seamlessly!

Benchmark performances-01
Discount and Vouchers

Integrate your coupon codes inline with your marketing campaigns, boost your registrations and applications!

Target-Personalize Omnichannel-01
Ease of Administration

Securely receive, process, and track all fee payments payments.

Visibility and Analytics for ROI-01
Automatically Split Payments

No more hassle as the platform allows automatic deduction of processing and payment gateway charges and remits the remaining funds directly to your bank account so you don’t have to spend hours later!

Take your Marketing with you-01
Take your Marketing with you

Working remotely or continuously on the move? Access it at fingertips on your mobile phone, never miss a pulse!


Coupled with advanced student recruitment and engagement strategies, the session was indeed informative and undoubtedly will help the partner institutions in harvesting bright results for upcoming intake irrespective of the #COVID19 impact.

– Arun Thekkedath, Strategy and Outreach, Alliance University

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