NoPaperForms for IT Teams

Empower your IT teams with the ultimate robust admission management solution and put ease at the center of their routine.

Our solutions are designed to make work faster and informed, from a single secure place


Streamline your Admission Processes instantly


Seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP/SIS


Plug and Play Integrations, when you need it


Leave behind server maintenance woes


Power and Drive the success of your Admission Teams

It’s important for your IT Teams to match your Institution’s dynamic growth and change. With NoPaperForms for Admission IT Teams, you could transform every part of your Admissions to make it efficient and scalable. It’s so easy that you can get it up and running in no time.

Streamline your Admission Process to do more

Pioneer your admission’s technological transformation with NoPaperForms. Streamline processes across Departments, Automate Workflows, equip and support your teams to do more even when they are on the move. Our solutions are easy to master, so you could get it up and running in no time.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Time’s of the essence, so we make it easy for you to simply create stunning forms with a simple drag and drop interface. Add powerful validations, make changes on the go

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Manage Users

Configure, Manage, and setup users instantly. Control how they can view or edit the data. Permission Driven Modules ensure that your data remains secure and under your control.

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Monitor System Access

Keep your data secure with real time User Activity and Session Logs. The system tracks each and every activity and maintains secure logs.

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IT Teams have optimized upto 70% of their bandwidth across these institutions.
Are your teams rightly equipped to begin?
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Seamlessly Integrate with your existing ERP and SIS

What could possibly be the biggest nightmare, is a very seamless move with NoPaperForms. With the NoPaperForms ERP Connector, integrate your existing systems to centralize all your admissions data. Identify trigger point, map your existing system fields, and voila! you’re done. No need to write even a single line of code

Push Applicant Data

Push the final applicant data to your existing Student Information System based on the logic/trigger point you want to set in real time!

In Built JSON Validator

Want a more hands on approach? We’ve got you covered. Simply paste your exising JSON and let the system take care of the validations.

Reverse ERP Integration

Push the final enrolment data back to NoPaperForms and take advantage of the advanced Reports and Analytics to analyse the best enrolment source that’s working for you.

Integrations as easy a breeze

Have multiple integrations to manage? No worries! As you expand your team’s capabilities to do more, you could ensure that it’s done seamlessly. Whether it’s connecting to Google or Facebook for remarketing or your Exam, Payment, Marketing integrations, we empower you to transition the change productively while making it faster and smarter.

Lead Generation Websites

Integrate your third-party publishers/agencies and keep a real-time check of the leads they bring in!

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Cloud Telephony Solutions

Seamlessly integrate all your cloud telephony providers so you get rid of having to switch switching platforms!

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Exam Vendor Integration

Versatile integrations with your exam partners for you to simplify the entire assessment to the enrolment cycle.

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Within the education sector, NPF has been able to provide tailored solutions to store, nurture and convert leads and applicants into enrolments along with providing game changing business and funnel insights. I heavily use the dashboards and find it extremely useful in daily management of marketing and sales activities.

– Mr. Rajarshi Ghosh, General Manager – Brand & Digital, RICE Group

Put ease at the center of your IT team’s everyday routine

With NoPaperForms’ Solution for IT solution, you could equip them to continuously strengthen the backbone of your admissions

Unify all your Admission’s activity

Streamline processes across departments, Automate workflows and do more

No Pesky Integrations

Make all Payment, Exam, Remarketing and Telephony integrations quick and easy

Advanced User Management

Control and Monitor your Users to provide a seamless experiences

Make Collaboration quick and easy

Make interaction between departments and teams efficient and real-time

Visibility and Analytics for ROI-01
Ease of Administration

No heavy lifting makes you want to focus more on things that matter for your Institution

Take your Marketing with you-01
Hassle-free connect to SIS and ERPs

Bring in more ease and access while connecting your existing systems with the platform!

There’s more for all your teams

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