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With NoPaperForms' advanced Dashboards and Benchmarking tools, you can seamlessly dig right into the data that matters the most, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Keep a tab on the overall processes without missing a beat


Real-Time Enrolment Funnel Health Check


Optimize your Marketing Campaign ROI in real-time


Benchmark yourself against the historic data


Your Admission Data, available on the go


Built keeping your usage in mind

We have built our the product in consultation with the top management of various institutions, after a heavy analysis of their needs. This ensures that you get a bird’s eye view on all verticals that matter.

Real Time On-Click Reports and Deep Admission Insights

Uncover meaningful Insights along with a complete health check, with every update you need to understand where the institute is headed, be it in terms of leads or applications. With one glance you can stay on top of all updates, available whenever you require them.

Timeline based Comparisons

Track all the activities that impact business without breaking any sweat, compare them with historic data using real time advanced filters.

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Trends – Leads, Applications, & Communication

Lead funnel represents complete enquiry to the enrollment process, showing movement of leads across all critical points like starting an application, making the payment, submitting the application and finally getting enrolled.

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From Enquiry to Enrolment

Stay updated on the entire journey from lead to application to enrolment ensuring that you are aware of the sources your students are coming from and the exact Student Quality Index.

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Better Planning and budgeting based on real-time data

Track all your return on Investment in reference to the digital campaigns and different publishers.

Campaign Manager

Overall objective of Campaign manager is to assist you in better and faster decision making rather than going through different excel files evaluating lead stage and looking at their journey from lead to student, you can easily drill to metrics that matter evaluating entire prospect journey saving valuable man hour.

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Publisher Benchmarking

With Publisher Benchmarking, you can see the entire lead journey from all the publishers helping you to understand where more leads are coming in and among them how many are actually getting converted into students. This takes you ahead from an excel driven approach resulting in better decision making for upcoming terms. You can benchmark all the publishers in a single view.

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Real Time Attribution Analysis

While working with different industry leaders, we stumbled upon one common pain point which is the identification of leads based on time of origin resulting in optimising precious hard-earned money invested for leads. With Primary, Secondary and tertiary lead tags associated with leads you will have a better understanding of how many leads are coming in from which publisher and which leads arrive first and then get cloned in different platforms.

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Uncover major to minute details effectively to achieve transparency at scale

Empower your teams with automated workflows to further increase their efficiency and help them focus on what matters to you the most: Conversions

Engagement between prospect and counselor

Have an overview on how counselors are engaging with prospects, it becomes a key essential dashboard to understand communication gaps, how even to understand how your brand is being positioned based on the content shared by the front line of contact. This plays a crucial role not only in the conversion but also helps prospects to understand more about university offerings resulting in more clarity and quicker action.

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Productivity Report

We all know that people are the backbone of any organization, good people make high-performance teams contributing to organizational success. This makes it very crucial for the institutes and as a business owner, it becomes more crucial to you, with a productivity report you can easily have an overview of how your team is performing day in and day out, or who’s the best/least performing resource resulting in overall organizational success.

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Put ease at the center of your everyday routine

With NoPaperForms’ Solution for your teams, equip them to continuously strengthen the backbone of your admissions

Mobile App

With our Mobile app, you can now view all the Dashboards even without logging even on the go. From application trends to marketing campaign statistics, and everything related, it’s all right on the application for you to see. You could sort, filter, and customize your preferences to dynamically visualize the entire admission flow on the go.

Student Quality Index

Analyze the inflow of students based on their demographics, educational background, age, and a number of other parameters so that you have an overview of student quality with the institute, making it a benchmark to upgrade or simply stay ahead in the industry.

Automated Communication

The majority of students would gauge the university basis on what communications you would be sending and how personalized they are, with the NoPaperForms suite we make sure that students receive relevantly and on-time communication by using automated workflows made keeping student journeys in mind.

Stay Updated with all the finances

When you have a bird’s eye view on the number of leads in applicants phase, you can easily evaluate how future finances look like.

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Query Management System

If you resolve one’s doubts in a timely and precise manner then their confidence in the institute rises compared with the same agenda, we have created query manager so that no query gets unreplied. This will also provide you a bird’s eye view on how many queries what categories they are on, based on that you can understand what prospective students’ pain points are or what their feelings are towards the institution before joining in.


SRM University strongly recommends to be the numero uno for all the application management solutions for any university in India and may be world too.

– Prof. TV Gopal, Former Head of Admissions, SRM University

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