A whole new way of executing Admission Remarketing Campaigns

Adopt a 360 degree targeted approach to reach out to your students with Real Time Custom Audiences on Facebook and Google Remarketing for colleges and universities.
 Remarketing Campaign for Admissions
zero manual intervention with

Automated Recurring Audience Push

Set up a recurring data push to Facebook or Google Audiences and forget having to sync data ever again. The system automatically fetches the target list of students based on your set filters and feeds them to your Remarketing Audiences.

Lead Manager
Google lead

Google Ads Custom

Run strategic remarketing campaigns directly on your prospects. Gone are the days when you had to create multiple custom lists on your Google Ads account and then upload your database and refresh it regularly.

With pre-integrated Google Custom Audiences Plugin, create Custom Audience Lists directly from the Lead or Application Manager with advanced Filters at your disposal. What’s more? Create a Schedule so that the system directly pushes these details without any manual intervention.

facebook ad

Facebook Ads Custom Targeting

What’s important for a successful Facebook Ads campaign is that you know who your audiences are, and with the NoPaperForms platform you could directly have strategic remarketing for those who you know are potentially interested in your institute.

Just like Google Custom Audience, integrate your Facebook Ad Account with NoPaperForms and create Facebook Audiences directly from the platform. You can create several categories of students like Form Started, Form Complete but Payment Pending, Form Not Started etc. Eliminate manual intervention and run precise campaigns to convert more!