Strategically Nurture your Leads until Conversion!

Nurture and Engage with your leads through multiple channels and deliver a personalised experience to your prospects with drip marketing, real time segmentation and more.
Strategically Nurture your Leads until Conversion!
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One View Lead Profile

Summarize your leads based on the data they provide in OneView: every lead interaction to understand their interests, lead-counselor contacts: calls, follow-ups, remarks, etc., automatically append activity summaries to profiles in the system, enabling teams for a relevant follow-up discussion.

Lead Profile
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Reaching out
the right way

Engage prospects at every stage of the admissions funnel through effective communication campaigns. Create strategic targeted campaigns based on their course preference, their engagement, and more.

Once you have segmented your prospects qualitatively, it’s time you start nurturing them efficiently. Reach out to your prospects across every channel: telephone, email, SMS, whatsapp, and more.

Communicating over WhatsApp

Reaching Out
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Lead Intake

With a range of features and solutions put together, you have greater control and clarity over your lead intake quality all while you track them until conversion. Verify the intent, measure the comparative standing of your prospects with engagement strength. With NoPaperForms’ multiple level source tracking, identify which source is providing you with the best prospects and take strategic decisions, all in just a matter of clicks.

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Quantified Efforts

Tired of calling up your brand new leads only to get a sordid response? With NoPaperForms Lead Qualification and Prioritisation tools, prioritize, and choose to be efficient with your resources. Statistically measure the comparative standing of a particular lead in the lead pool with Lead Score and Lead Strength to know who’s more interested and more likely to convert. With highly customizable behavioral scoring, you get to identify your hottest prospects, before your competition does.

quantified efforts
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Get up and running with professionally designed, responsive communication templates. Create your own templates in minutes for future campaigns and automation workflows. Send personalized communications with dynamic tokens to make your message more effective than ever. Real Time analytics also help you identify the emails/SMS that have worked well and the ones that need immediate course correction.

reach out on the move

In App Calling

With the NoPaperForms Mobile App to make and manage calls, empower your counselors to connect with their leads seamlessly while on the move. Everything right from lead centralization to allocation is automated that empowers your teams to connect with your prospects as much as possible despite distances.

The real-time insights and the quick information that’s available as soon as there’s an incoming call enables counselors to contextually conversate, add notes, or even mark a followup for a later day or date in a breath! It’s admissions on the move!

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In app calling
Automated Workflows
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Supercharge your conversions with predefined automated lead nurturing workflows. Automating lead nurturing enables the systematic tracking of lead engagements with your content and site, and accurately pinpoints the prospect’s stage. That means you can drip feed appropriate content to the right leads, at the right time, and all without lifting a finger– leads are never forgotten and opportunities never missed.

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Counselor Dashboards

With at-a-glance preview of the most crucial information; a counselor dashboard brings accountability at greater levels. With multiple stats and indicators of all their activities and the resultant numbers of them presented in a quick, easy-to-scan format, it becomes easy for them to keep track of their activities and navigate directly to various areas of the role and functions.

counselor dashboards