Bring in more utility and maximize your productivity by integrating your NoPaperForms platform with different solutions all while providing consistent, seamless user experiences!
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Integrate with Cloud Telephony for enhanced nurturing

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Plug and Play integrations for all major platforms

Social Plugins

NoPaperForms allows you to integrate your Google and Facebook Campaigns directly to the platform to centralise your incoming leads. With advanced Facebook/Google Lead Ad capturing, any lead that is generated becomes a part of the lead pool and your nurturing flow. This saves you from not only having to keep switching between systems to nurture your leads, but also the time lag. Remember, if you don’t touch-base with your prospects within the first 24 hours of their enquiry, it maybe a missed opportunity for you!

  • google
  • facebook
social media marketing
publisher connect

Lead Generation

NoPaperForms’ Publisher Connect allows you to integrate your third-party publishers/agencies to your system so that you could have a real-time check-in of the leads they bring, followed by its entire journey through the funnel. Say goodbye to storing and matching your data in spreadsheets or toggling between platforms to check on the leads being generated.

While this brings accountability of numbers and their conversions, it also helps you make rational decisions with respect to publisher/agencies in order to optimize your funnel or pay for what’s actually worth.

  • shiksha
  • collegedunia
  • college dekho
  • careers 360
  • getmyuni

Cloud Telephony

Seamlessly integrate all your cloud telephony providers to the NoPaperForms platform to enable a central repository of data and activity. With a single interface, you would be able to make and manage all calls right through the lead profile all while ensuring that any sensitive data is masked to unauthorized users. No more switching platforms!

  • mcube
  • knowlarity
  • ozonetel
  • voicesnap
cloud telephony
cloud exam vendors

Exam Platforms

Versatile integrations with your exam partners for you to simplify the entire assessment to the enrolment cycle.

Say right from instantly making score reporting easy followed by how you could shortlist, plan GD-PI, communicate with them or even enable fee payments with offer letters. It could all be more accesible, advanced, and more importantly in sync with your application manager so you don’t have to switch tabs or windows!

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Bring in more ease and access while integrating your existing ERPs or Student Information Systems to the platform. It allows you to improve operational efficiencies, and create opportunities by enabling a seamless information flow between all functional groups. Once the enquiry to enrolment cycle is complete, seamlessly push all your applicant data to your ERP with a single click. You can also enable Real Time Triggers so that the data gets pushed as soon as a specific condition is met.

erp connector