IMI’s Marketing 2.0 with NoPaperForms

IMI’s Marketing 2.0 with NoPaperForms

The inside story of International Management Institute, New Delhi getting on the path to succeed with admissions’ marketing. Read this case-study to find how they did it.

While the ever changing admission landscape brings competition, it also necessitates change with an Institution’s Admission and Marketing strategies. This case-study is centered around India’s first corporate sponsored Business School, IMI New Delhi that consistently ranks in the top 10-15 Business Schools in the country and amongst the top 5 private Business Schools.

Read to find out the lessons from IMI, New Delhi’s transition to pivoting their Admission’s Marketing to be competitive, rational and more importantly, successful with NoPaperForms.

What’s in it for you?


  • How has Admissions Marketing evolved with time and what actually has changed?
  • Why is it important to Track and measure important Marketing metrics?
  • How you could make marketing data and statistics actionable real-time?
  • The roadmap to rationalizing your marketing spends with online publishers
  • How’s Data a big-boon with driving accountability and return?
  • The taxing challenges with traditional Marketing practices and how it holds one back from doing more.