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Specifically engineered for ease, agility, and performance, the NoPaperForms Mobile App is your admissions on the move.
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Schedule, Manage, and Prioritize your counselor’s efforts

Manage your admissions on the go as you make and manage calls

Never miss the pulse of your marketing campaigns and their ROI

Connect and Nurture your prospective students with just a tap!

Intuitive Dashboards

The NoPaperForms Mobile App is no short of the web application. If you are looking for the lead and application trends, counselor productivity, marketing campaign statistics, and everything related, it’s all right on the application for you to see. You could sort, filter, and customize your preferences to dynamically visualize your admissions while on the go.

It’s admissions in your pocket!

Intuitive Dashboard
Manage Leads

Manage Leads

Thought it was only a robust system that can manage your leads? Maybe it’s time to reconsider what more your admissions could be while on the move.

With the NoPaperForms Mobile App, you can easily keep a track of all leads that come through the system. You have the entire details of the lead, the timeline of the entire communication that was triggered among others like the Follow-up and notes section, and the communication log, where you have the detailed log of all the calls made or received. You could at a click, communicate with them!


NPF is transformational for Universities in India. No other company or App in my knowledge has digitized the traditional University Admission systems and saved tonnes of paper and trees! Every University, public or private must get NPF now!

– Prof. Anand Prakash Mishra, Director Law Admissions, OP Jindal Global University

Interactive Counselor Dashboards

The NoPaperForms Mobile App allows your counselor to keep a track of all their leads assigned followed by its status. Followups, reminders, and notes it is all available realtime for them to maximize their productivity. Never miss a beat!

Counselor App Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard

The Campaign Dashboard always keeps you updated with the real-time pulse of your campaigns. So what if you’re out of the office or on the move? Get easy access to leads, applications, and conversion trends from all your channels! Make decisions quicker as you see how your marketing campaigns are performing or could be optimized.

Marketing Dashboards

Wonderful App. All admissions process on your mobile.

– Lokesh Sharma, Deputy Director (Admissions), Manipal University Jaipur

in app calling

In App Calling

Make and manage calls anywhere, anytime. Access leads from within the app to make calls to, or know when a prospective student has called. Never miss track of anything as all call logs and recordings are instantly synced to the cloud. So, what if you had a network outage for once? The App’s sync capabilities are such that you’ll always have the information you need synced immediately.

It’s time you add accessibility and speed to your outreach and counseling efforts, no matter what the distance!

Caller ID

Ever hard to run through as your phone rings to find which one of your prospects it could be? On the NoPaperForms Mobile, you could be assured that you always seize opportunities as they come. The smart caller ID enables your counselors to identify prospects while they call, further providing them access to their lead profile. You could look up information directly or jolt down notes or follow ups during the call.

Caller ID
Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony Integration

Have existing telephony vendors? The technology at NoPaperForms empowers you to plug your existing telephony vendors into the App. What that means is that you could now leverage the immediacy and mobility the App brings with your existing telephony solutions. All while your data remains masked and secure as well.