Integrate your Exam Partner for a smoother Candidate Experience

Streamline and automate your testing process by integrating your existing exam vendors to a central platform. Enable Slot Booking, Retakes, Payments, Rescheduling, Score Cards, and more.
 Exam Vendor Integration
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Enabling Slot Booking

Provide a smooth and seamless post application experience to your candidates by enabling Slot Booking options directly on their dashboards. The integrated experience allows for Single Sign-on (SSO) so that your candidates are never distracted from your user experience. With real time APIs, your examination system knows the candidate history which personalises the experience even further.

Enable Slot booking
Admit Cards

Admit Card Generation

Gone are the days when you had to manually generate each Admit Card and be at the mercy of the postal system of the country to deliver physical copies to your candidates. NoPaperForms provides an Automated Admit Card Generation option. Simply pre-configure the template and let the system create a tailored, hyper-personlised Admit Card and park it right on the Candidate Dashboard.

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Rescheduling Exams

Should you want to allow your candidates to reschedule their exam slots, simply enable the Reschedule Toggle as Yes and you are good to go. With flexible configuration options, you can choose to collect Rescheduling Fee, limit the number of reschedules allowed, or set a defined window after which the rescheduling option goes away.

Easily segregate your candidates based on their number of attempts, current status, and more, with a simplified view of the overall attempts and one-view Exam Dashboards.


Multiple Retakes

Handling Retakes is a breeze with the NoPaperForms Exam Extensions. Simply key in the number of Retake Attempts you want to allow the candidates to take and the system automatically takes care of the rest.

You can even set Dynamic Fees for each attempt and collect the payments directly on the platform. With real time APIs, your exam vendor knows each candidate and the authorisation. Armed with better context on your candidates, you can reach out to them with a single click and engage in relevant conversations.


Score Card Generation

Now that your applicants have attempted the exam, the system can automatically generate the score card and park it on the Candidate Dashboard. Yes, you read that right! No more manual processing of exam scores or those late nights grunting through Excel Sheets to publish the results.

NoPaperForms directly fetches the results from your Exam Platform and creates the Score Card. It’s almost magical once you see the time in which it happens.
(Hint: It’s less than a few micro-seconds!)

score card
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Configurations for
Major Vendors

You can get your exams up and running within minutes with simple and powerful configurations. Easily integrate your existing Exam Vendor without having to rely on tough IT solutions or spend hours figuring out the right APIs. NoPaperForms provides seamless one-click configurations for most major exam vendors and online proctoring solutions like Pearson VUE, Merit Trac, Eduqity, Wheekbox, Mettl.

Using a different vendor or have your own custom built examination system? Well, with real time APIs for each activity, you can integrate your system easily to the NoPaperForms platform without having to re-invent the wheel!