Experience a comprehensive platform for GD-WAT-PI Management

Seamlessly drive your Group Discussions, Written Ability Tests, and Personal Interviews virtually while ensuring a supreme end-to-end experience for your applicants.

Why do Educational Institutions need to automate
their GD-WAT-PI processes?

Typically, educational institutions conduct group discussions (GD), written ability tests (WAT), and personal interview (PI) rounds manually. Due to the arduous nature of the process, it is difficult to handle it for thousands of candidates in one go. This ultimately leads to operational inefficiencies, major expenses, poor candidate experience, and ultimately, fewer quality admissions.

NoPaperForms’ GD-WAT-PI platform helps educational institutions streamline and automate their post application processes in a unified platform. With exclusive features such as flexible slot booking, dynamic venue allocation, panel assignment, video interviews and live attendance tracking, you can sort, shortlist, and evaluate candidates via your preferred logics and make impactful decisions to drive quality enrolments.

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Distribute Leads efficiently to
eliminate Lead Leakage

For a smooth nurturing process, having a single view of all the leads is not enough. Distribution of leads requires you to know your leads better, segment them based on numerous criteria, and then, allocate them to the right counsellor.

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Schedule sessions instantly with flexible GD-PI Slot Booking

Now you can automatically allocate the GD/PI slots or provide your candidates with an option to choose and book available slots as per their preference. Post booking the slots, the candidate will receive an auto-triggered email/SMS/WhatsApp communication in real time, thereby confirming their slots in an efficient, instinctive manner.

Maximize team productivity with automated Panel Assignment

Ensure end-to-end GD-PI management by assigning panels and evaluators to the candidates. Automate trigger-based workflows and notify the evaluators when to initiate the interview as well as candidates to join the same through the NoPaperForms’ Student Admission Portal. In case an evaluator or candidate misses out on the communication, customize meeting reminders for them and deliver a seamless, end-to-end applicant experience.

Learn more about Student Admission Portal 

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Take Video Interviews from anywhere, anytime

Conduct GD-PI Interviews virtually on NoPaperForms’ single dashboard without breaking a sweat. Enable the panelists and applicants to connect virtually via Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams by clicking the “Join” button parked against the candidate’s name, on the top of any live panel.

Not only that, evaluate the performance of the applicants in real-time with the help of customizable parameters, while the GD/PI is still ongoing or after the sessions have been completed.

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Never miss out on any opportunity with Live Attendance Tracking

Have you ever wanted a simple and convenient way to track the attendance of candidates? Through this feature, know how many candidates turned up for the interviews on the day of the interviews and spot their attendance patterns. You also have the facility to mark candidates as either present or absent and make last-minute adjustments to your panel allocation, with a push of a button!

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For Offline GD-WAT-PI Processes

Plan your venue capacity effortlessly

In case you are conducting your post application processes offline, you can define multiple venues for thousands of candidates at once and help them choose their preferred centres with minimal operational efforts. Set the maximum capacity of students dynamically for all the venues and experience the beauty of the system as all candidates are accommodated well before the final day of the interview!

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Allocate test centres dynamically

Based on maximum capacity intake and candidate preferences, allocate your test centres dynamically. Also, set your custom metrics for the number of days the post application processes will run along and configure your own preferable time slots that match your and your team’s bandwidths.

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Flexible GD-WAT-PI slot booking
No, manual
Planned Venue Capacity
Dynamic Venue Allocation
Panel Assignment
No, manual
Pre-Integrated Video Interviews
Live Attendance Tracking
Evaluator Panel