Plan and Execute your GD-WAT and PI effortlessly

The operation heavy and arduous part of the post application process becomes quite easy and seamless on the NoPaperForms platform. Eliminate redundancy and human error while planning scores of interview rounds, panels, and days for about thousands of candidates.
 Student Gd Pi Planning Management
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Planning the Venue Capacity

The GD-PI planning feature helps you to not just plan resources but also helps you execute the entire process with minimal operational efforts. With metrics to define, configure and fuse, planning is more precise and easy than ever and you don’t have to wait for the final day to draft your plan. Define multiple venues, set your maximum capacity, and let the system work out on the best possible way of accommodating all candidates in their preferred centres.

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Allocating Centres

With an insight into the prospect’s preferences and the capacity of the venue, you could rethink and plan with these numbers at hand. Enter and run the numbers to update the GD-PI plan summary and with that, you’ll have the number of days the process will run along with the time slots you chose to configure. Should you have a random method of allocating the test centres, worry not, you can simply hit allocate and let the system work for you while you sip on your favorite brew.

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Video Interviews

After the students and the panelists have been allocated their session slots and they have been notified about the schedule of each activity, the next big step involves conducting the GD/PI sessions efficiently for thousands of applicants. While this can be quite challenging in a typical, offline setting, NoPaperForms’ Virtual Post Application Platform enables you to conduct Group Discussions and Personal Interviews seamlessly on a single dashboard without breaking a sweat. This central dashboard enables the panelists and their applicants to virtually connect via Zoom or Google Meet by clicking the “Join” button parked against the candidate’s name, on the top of any live panel.

Not only that, you get to evaluate the performance of the applicants in real time with the help of customizable evaluation parameters, while the GD/PI is still ongoing or after the sessions have been completed.

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Marking and Tracking Attendance

Now that it’s the GD-PI day, what is in store for you? Quite a lot. With a greater set and subset of the entire process taken care of, your team’s bandwidth doesn’t choke on multiple tasks. The NoPaperForms’ GD-PI module offers a quick snapshot of the turnout of the candidates at the centres; for you to go through and analyze. Mark candidates as either present or absent with a click of a button and make the last minute adjustments to your panel allocation. All real-time and quick!

Prepare for Evaluation

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Real Time Reports

Simply click and configure the number of applicants, who are eligible or shortlisted for the said venue or time-slot GD-PI plan summary. The sorting helps you to filter and sort candidates based on multiple logics and rules as defined by you.