Make Admission Fee Payments Quick and Accessible

NoPaperForms' Token Fee Module makes it easy for you as much as for your prospective students to make their token fee/seat booking/first instalment fee payment and confirm their admissions, from almost anywhere!
Collect Different Payments Seamlessly
seamlessly collect and manage

Different Types of Payments

Whether it’s the Application Fee, Exam Fee, or the Hostel Fee, you could configure as many types of payments as your institution has or would need. Sit back and relax, as the system takes care of managing the non-uniform fees automatically.

What’s more? Provide flexible payment options to your students by bundling payments: pay the first instalment along with the registration fee, or pay the hostel fee bundled with the first instalment fee. The possibilities are endless.

Acknowledgement Receipt
instant and automated

Payment Acknowledgement Receipts

Create and Park communication templates to be automatically sent to your candidates once the fee payment is done. We understand that time is the essence, so we empower you to reach out to your candidates with personalized confirmation or acknowledgment messages just as soon as the payment is done. Email, SMS, or WhatsApp choose and configure a medium that clicks the most.

The system automatically calculates the complete taxation breakup including handling of GST, IGST, CGST, and SGST on the admission fee making life easier for your finance department.

seamlessly enable

Payments on Candidate Dashboard

Ensure better turnarounds with a simple process in place. Our solutions allow you to communicate with a prospect when a fee payment is to be made right through their dashboard. From there, it only gets simpler for your prospective students as they click-click, and woosh the payment is done. Besides the magic part, you save yourself from the time and effort of having to send individual communications or maintaining logs on registers and excel sheets.

Payments in a click

Purchase Summary
real time

Purchase Summary

Has it been a nightmare to reconcile every payment to its application? The NoPaperForms Token Fee Module helps you automatically generate receipts or acknowledgments for your prospective students, and the real-time update ensures visibility across all your teams whether marketing, finance, or admissions as you configure. A one-view dashboard allows you to see through details for all products sold including application fee, token fee, test preparation packs, physical brochures, and more. Further, using the advanced reporting measures you could filter and monitor data by form, transaction date, transaction ID, or the payment method to never miss an update.

Multiple Payment Gateways
be spoilt for choice with

Multiple Payment Gateways

NoPaperForms has multiple gateways readily integrated. Backed by a robust technological architecture, it empowers you to securely receive, process, and track payments from students no matter where they are. Enable your prospective students with alternatives to make fee payments more convenient and less intimidating!

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