Effectively Manage your Short Lists and Merit Lists

Fishing out the best of candidates from a larger pool can be quite a daunting task but we enable these actions in a click. Just set the criteria, hit search, and there you have it.
Effectively Manage your Short Lists and Merit Lists

Shortlists in a click

With all of the processes conducted online and at a unified platform, you could generate shortlists in moments at a few clicks after configuring the eligibility criteria. Shortlist applicants on the basis of their profile, scores, percentiles, normalised scores, etc. with an easy to use and efficient interface.

The entire process literally takes seconds to complete and the robust platform ensures that your shortlist generation process is completely automated and error free.

Shortlists in a click
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Custom Criteria

Create final composite scores in seconds with the Automated Admission Criteria Builder. Allocate weightage based on the 10th or 12th marks, graduation scores, or entrance test scores and the platform automatically calculates the final composite score against each candidate.

You can define different sets of criteria for different courses offered and take decisions accordingly. The One View Dashboard helps you visualise your enrolment pipeline based on the eligibility criteria against each course. Reduced or nil human intervention in the merit list/shortlist processing system also makes it free from personal biases and prejudices, thereby delivering reliable, accurate and valid results.

Custom Criteria Builder
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Instant Communications

Communicate with the selected candidates via email, SMS, a direct WhatsApp, and even setup personalised automation flows to remind them of the way forward! Skip having to send offer letters via post and having to wait forever to see them delivered. What’s more? You can also post the exact status to the Candidate Dashboard.

Use the communication library to setup different templates for shortlisted or selected candidates. Customised Offer Letters/Call Letters with real time information ensure that your prospects are up to date with their exact status.

Communications made easy

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Merit List Generator

NoPaperForms automatically creates merit lists for you, based on the applications received for each and every course your institute offers. You can use the criteria builder to create the logic and let the system work out the rest of the things. Gone are the days when you had to deploy filters in multiple spreadsheets and code custom formulae.

The system also takes care of phased admissions, any other quotas or profile based shortlisting with ease. What’s more, the easy to use intuitive interface makes enables your team to learn the system quickly and use efficiently.

Merit List Generator