Cut the paper out of admission forms

A Mumbai based startup has launched NoPaperForms, a SaaS based tool for creating and hosting admission forms on the fly. With readymade templates for common form types and payment gateway integration, NoPaperForms has got itself a neat product to bank upon. The product is 100% free for the institutions to host their forms but charges the applicants a “service charge” of 4.9% of the application fee with a minimum of Rs.30.


'Paper Reformer'

It is estimated that around 2.5 crore students seek school and college admissions every year, each of them applying to an average of four schools. Thus, around 10 crore applications are submitted at the school-level alone. The market's scope is mind-boggling. A recent Central Board of Secondary Education directive asking all schools to at least put up a website could eventually lead to many of them starting online admissions using NoPaperForms.


City colleges opt for 'no paper' admissions

City colleges are going for green admissions this year. Many top city colleges are urging students to apply online and have switched to eco-friendly, 'no paper' admissions in an effort to reduce 'paper work' during the admission process and stop indiscriminate felling of trees. Most of the colleges are using a web-based app 'NoPaperForms' to set up online admissions.


NoPaperForms wins Eureka! 2011

The Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai) recently awarded NoPaperForms the first prize at Eureka! 2011, Asia's largest business plan competition with nearly $50K in prize money. Over 300 startups competed for the coveted award.

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