Simplifying enrolments with NoPaperForms

Gain Centralised Insights

Be more focused and informed as you nurture leads from enquiry to enrolment with centralised dashboard.

Higher Enrolment Rates

Let no lead slip through the cracks. Track, nurture, and convert offline and online leads at one platform with ease.

NoPaperForms Products
Boost Productivity

Upraise productivity of departments (admission, marketing, finance) with a hassle free enrolment process.

Increase ROI

Know which are the most effective marketing campaigns and allocate budgets smartly.


templates to adapt to your admission cycle.

Template Manager


Ready-to-use Standard Templates

Choose from ready-to-use standard templates for your application page, emails, and admission documents like Admit Card, Counseling or GD/PI call letters etc.


Customised Application Page from Scratch

Design branded landing pages from scratch to be a reflection of your website theme. Give the visuals of your Institute through images and logos in all templates.


Customized Registration Fields

Customize the registration form to capture selective information as per your requirement. Choose from library of standard fields or create custom fields with validations.


White Labelled Solution

Let the application forms be hosted on your sub-domain to provide a seamless experience to the applicant.

Communicate the Right Information

Ensure that right information reaches to applicants via FAQs and customizable sections for Scholarships, Placements etc.

Mobile Adaptive

Create landing pages, email templates, application documents that look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Social Login Options

Leverage the power of social login to convert visitors to applicants with just one click.

Customized Application Document

Get fully customized admission documents such as Admit Card, Application Print, Call letters etc.


Scalable Application

Scalable Application Form Customization

Customize forms as per the admission form’s template for different courses of the institute. Manage single page or multi-step forms.


User Friendly Data Entry and a Smart Interface

Manage validations to support data accuracy at individual fields like email , mobile etc. During form submission, the applicant will be invited to modify any input fields found to contain invalid data.

User friendly data & Smart Interfaceh
Application completion track

Application Completion Track

Ability to configure email and sms notifications to be sent to applicants on application events to track the percentage of form filled, payment status etc.


Handles High Volume of Applicants

Handles any volume of applicant traffic with our efficient servers without any issues.

Smartphone Optimized Forms

Optimize forms for seamless user experience across all smartphone devices for access to the form anywhere anytime.

Conditional Logic Fields

Configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages based on user selections.

Multiple Field Types

Use dropdown menus, multiple-choice checkboxes, radio buttons etc., in your forms to make it applicant friendly.

File Uploads

Upload supporting documents like scanned certificate copy, mark-sheets, photograph, signature, capture documents in PDF format for Challan etc.

Save & Resume

Give applicants the opportunity to save a form and return later.

Payment Manager

Offline & Online payment

Offline & Online Payment Option

Offer your applicants the biggest possible gamut of payment options including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Mobile Payments, Cash Cards, Demand Drafts, Bank Challans etc.


Automatic Fee Remittance

Application fees collected online are held in escrow and automatically deposited into your institute's bank account. Our goal is to remove any friction and make the entire online application process hassle-free for both applicants and admissions officers.

Automatic Fee Remittance
Multi-staged payment collection

Multi-staged Payment Collection

Allow applicants to complete multi-stage transactions based on their different criteria eg. on selecting a certain course, applicant shall first pay the fees and then proceed to fill the form. Features with icons


Voucher Cards

Replace printing of brochures, OMR sheets with voucher cards to save your costs, facilitating payment options for students with no debit/credit/net banking options.

Concessional Coupon Codes

Integrate concessional coupon codes inline with your marketing campaigns to boost up your registrations and applications.

Student Support Compliance

Take care of the entire reconciliation, payment queries, charge back issues etc related to payment by our dedicated team members.

Applicant Payment Synopsis

Get an easy-to-read synopsis of the payment details upon successful online payment, upon acceptance of DD by the institute etc.

Instant Confirmation

Send an auto-confirmation mail on approval from the bank or the card company and even acknowledge the applicant about his offline payment receipt.


online and offline applications on one platform

Lead Manager

Collect online and offline leads

Collect Online and Offline Leads

Collect leads from all online channels - paid ads, social media, third party websites etc., and offline channels - events, enquiry calls etc. in one system.


Slice and Dice Leads for Analysis

Filter leads based on multiple criteria like location, payment status, form level fields, geography, campaign slice and dice leads for accurate prospecting.

Slice and dice leads for analysis
Integration with Communication manager

Integration with Communication Manager

Push your leads down the conversion path with the right message at the right time. Design the entire journey you want the prospect to take.


Capture Leads Pre-registration

Choose to capture the leads details automatically in your forms, even without the submit action from the applicant.

Download CSVs

Download applicant information in csv format to share them for analysis or processing with your respective teams.

Enhance Lead Information

Edit leads while your counselor speaks with the applicant and hence the information on the applicant is enhanced.

Application Manager

Assess health of your Applications

Assess Health of your Applications

Get a complete view of all the submitted applications, search applicant information, view details of submitted applications, edit details of submitted applications all in a single console.


Manage Offline and Online Applications

Upload your offline applications/OMR in bulk seamlessly in the online system to manage all the applications at one place.

Manage offline and online applications
Download Data in sync

Download Data in Sync with your Data Fields

Download complete details of all your applications in sync with your data format with flexible Integration of your ERP into our system.


Applicants' Transaction Details

Scrutinize applications and perform actions to change the status of the application like DD Approved/DD Reject/Send for Correction etc.

Download/ Print Documents

Download/Print application documents uploaded by the applicant (Photo, Mark sheet etc.) for future reference.

Communicate with Applicant

Instant alert email/sms on every successful transaction to the concerned institute authority and the applicants.


with applicants with proper communication via email or sms

Communication Manager

admission process

Connect at every step of Admission Process

Track students in each stage of the application and engage them through personalized Communication. Intelligent remarketing with customized messages.


Real-time Applicant Guidance System

Resolve queries faced by prospective applicants and guide them to smoothly resolve issues and complete the applications successfully via calls, emails & chats on a real-time basis.

Real-time Applicant
Drip marketing

Drip Marketing and Advanced Email Analytics

Get advanced analytics on the effectiveness of your drip marketing campaigns. Identify the timings, days, subject lines and email content working for you.


Alert Email Management

Automatic / Manual E-mail alerts management for each update during admission procedure such as form submission, payment submission, merit list generation etc.

Customized Templates

Enhance your communication with personalized Email & SMS templates, brand look and feel. Customize with colors, graphics, logos and text.

Nature of Communication

Generate Admit Cards/Call letters automatically and mail/sms communication about the same to the individual /shortlisted /all registered students.

Applicant-level Reports

Download applicant level reports to track all the communications sent; action on the communication - opened, clicked, unclicked.

Communication Logs

Get complete email or sms communications with the sent date and the delivery status.

Slice and Dice Communication

Filter and analyse communications based on the medium of communication, nature of communication, communication date, sent by etc.

Query Manager

Centralised Query

Centralised Query Handling Platform

Get professionally trained Student relationship agents for multi-channel support - call, email, sms to student queries to make sure that no query is left unanswered.


Real-time Activity Reporting Board

Track number of queries generated, queries attended, queries resolved, queries escalated etc. with date and time for each action. Complete payment dispute resolutions and reconciliation to ensure error free and smooth application processing.

Real-time activity
Managing Queries

Managing Queries and Feedback Effectively

Reusable replies & canned response mechanism. Smart Ticketing system to auto-assign ticket with email/sms alerts to address grievances effectively and timely.


Categorise Queries

Categorise queries as General/Admission/Technical query etc. for auto assignment. All Technical queries are handled by us.

Slice and Dice Data

Filter queries based on form, category, status, assignee to analyse queries for applicant’s input.

User Management

Create unlimited users/multiple user roles to assign different tasks. Restrict/Permit access to the users as per the work assigned to them.


multiple digital campaigns on real-time basis smartly.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

Get a bird's eye view on your campaigns. The Campaign Dashboard gives a quick infographic glance of the total impressions, registrations, conversions through different traffic sources - direct, campaign, gclid etc.


Campaign Analytics

In depth insights into the campaign results to learn what’s working – and what’s not to allocate marketing budgets wisely.

Campaign Analytics
Spot the top and under-performers

Spot the Top and Under-performers

Monitor campaign performance with a highly transparent system. Identify the campaign stars, and the under-performers lagging behind, based on no. of leads, conversions, revenue generated,and more.


Real Time Campaign Tracking

Run, track, compare, and manage multiple lead generation campaigns on FB, AdWords, SEM, SMS, Emails in real time.

UTM Code Tracking

Track through UTM code the traffic from multiple sources to your registration/application form

Filter Campaigns to Export Data

Filter campaigns based on from level, favourite, time frame , utm source to download data in excel sheets for any further internal analysis.

Mark Campaign

Mark a campaign as favorite to keep track of the important campaigns with a single click.

Reports and Analytics

Performance management

Performance Management

Auto-alerts/Automated customized reports/Unlimited and secure access to standard reports to get the entire analytics for better readability of the data and to make informed decisions on Marketing as well as Course structures etc.


Export Reports

Export detailed summary report on various parameters such as: course, campus, caste category, payment method, date, location, gender etc. in any major format - PDF, Excel, CSV, and Doc.

Export Reports
Report Scheduling

Report Scheduling

Schedule your custom reports to get glimpse of day to day progress of admission process in your inbox at your convenient time.



Analyse how many applicants are filing your form, view your form leads generated from different campaigns & demographics, and fine-tune your promotional activity.

Easy Download and Analysis

Download / print features to access all the statistical data of of your applicants, course prefered, campus prefered etc. to accordingly help you in planning out your marketing activities efficiently.

Admin Dashboard

Forecast your application

Forecast your Application Revenue

Get bird’s eye view on your applicant data & payments collected. The Admin Dashboard gives you a quick infographic glance of the total payment received and the payment pending in details.


Daily Tracker for Management.

Real-time graphical interface to track enquiries, registrations, admissions, fees collection and all for Management staff.

Daily tracker for management
Slice and dice Applicant

Slice and Dice Applicant Information

Filter and refine data for particular admission form; slice and dice the applicant data for a quick 360 degree analysis.


Form Data's Overview

Track the aggregated progress- total form filled, total payment received, total payment pending of all the course’s forms to get insights on what course is fetching the max or min revenue.

Compare Progress

Charts & Graphs to view results over a period of time to compare daily, weekly & monthly progress

Analyse the Trend

View graphs across multiple dimensions like Revenue Vs. Course, State Vs. Application etc to know the trend in a glance.

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