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Disrupting a Time-Honored Process

Most Indian colleges and universities experience similar chaos each year during peak admissions seasons. NoPaperForms combines cloud technology, big data and an easy-to-use form builder to make the admissions process friction-free, efficient and transparent for both applicants and admissions officers.

Integrated Payment Gateway

NoPaperForms has partnered with ccAvenue to offer an easy, one-click setup process to collect application fees online. You do not have to go through the complexities of establishing a merchant ID and payment gateway.

NoPaperForms Cash Cards

We realize that some applicants may not have access to credit/debit cards or net banking facilities. NoPaperForms offers Cash Cards that applicants can purchase directly from the college or school they wish to apply to and redeem the voucher online when completing the application.

Automatic Fee Remittance

Application fees collected online are held in escrow and automatically deposited into your school or college's bank account the next business day. Our goal is to remove any friction and make the entire online application process hassle-free for both applicants and admissions officers.
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Interview and enroll top candidates

Use advanced search & sort features to instantly identify top candidates and generate merit lists. No more sifting through volumes of paperwork.


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