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NoPaperForms is all you need to empower sales, marketing, admissions, finance, and operation teams. While each purpose-built product is powerful on its own, the real impact is when you enroll as one.

Enrollment Cloud

Take control of the entire funnel from inquiry to enrollment and double down on your institution’s efforts to attract, engage and enroll on a single platform.

All your teams

Key features

  • 360˚ view across the Admission Lifecycle
  • Comprehensive Communication Suite
  • Extensive Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics Engine
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Education CRM

Equip your sales & marketing teams to be super-efficient as they contextually engage and convert more students. Enroll faster with the in-built payment platform and track sales campaign effectiveness.

Key features

  • Sales Execution & Automation
  • Sales Tracking & Performance
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrated Payment Platform
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Application Platform

Accelerate your application-to-enrollment rate as you equip your admissions teams to create advanced custom forms, manage the post-application GD-PI, and interviews, and seamlessly do everything in between.

Admission Teams

Key features

  • One-view Application Manager
  • Admission Workflow
  • Student Enrollment Portal
  • Post Application Automation
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Payment Cloud

Make fee collection easier, faster, and more secure across all student touchpoints. Automate fee reminders, configure payment splits and late fees all while you get run time settlement reports, finance dashboards, and more!

Finance Team

Key features

  • Extensive Fee Workflows
  • Payment Settlement in Multiple Accounts
  • Reconciliation & Settlement Reports
  • Automated GST & Surcharge Handling
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Education Chatbot

Put the smartest admission counselor to work who can convert all inbound and advertising traffic into qualified leads by contextually engaging with them on your website. Uncover intent signals and increase your ROI.

Key features

  • Intent-verified Lead Generation
  • Contextual Nurturing 24×7
  • Omni-channel Presence
  • Real-time ROI Dashboard
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Everything you need to
make your teams agile and productive

Sales Teams

Drive leads to closure and at scale with powerful sales management, performance reporting, and notifications.

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Marketing Teams

Attract right audiences, run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale and contextually nurture leads down the sales funnel.

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Admissions Teams

Streamline and manage applications at scale as you automate all application and post-application tasks in a single platform.

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Finance Teams

Make fee collection easier, faster, and more secure with one-click payment automations, fee forecasting, finance dashboards, and run-time settlement reports.

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Operation Teams

Streamline processes and make migration easy as you gain control of everything from data to technology.

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Trusted by over 1000 educational ogranizations

From EdTech Companies, Coaching & Training Institutes, Study Abroad Consultants, K12 Schools, Play & Pre-Schools to Higher Education Institutions, everybody loves us for what we do.

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  • Purpose-built to keep you enrolling

    With insights gained from serving hundreds of educational organizations, we develop products that cater to deep use cases. Whatever the challenge is, it’s likely we already have a solution for it.
    After all, managing 100 million student inquiries a year adds to our experience.

  • Scalability at the forefront

    Our products are designed to equip you for tomorrow and enable you to scale. Whether it’s vast amounts of student data or multiple business complexities, we can solve for all.

  • Dedicated training and migration support

    We are passionate about our partners and we believe we succeed when you do. It’s why we get you up and running in a breeze.

  • Building a collaborative community

    We have built a vibrant community of professionals from the education industry where you can interact, network, and enhance your skills. From offline events to webinars, we host them all.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about everything we do.

An enrollment cloud is a modern-age cloud-based system for educational organizations looking to manage the entire process of enrolling students from their very first touchpoint. It unifies all teams involved in the process from sales, marketing, finance, admission, and operations, and allows them to centralise, track, nurture and convert leads into applications and eventually enrollments. It provides a single source of truth for all teams to access information, track lead and applicant activity, contextually engage and nurture leads down the funnel, check application status, and collect fee payments.

NoPaperForms offers an Enrollment Cloud that has been a game-changer for educational organizations of all sorts looking to grow their enrollments. Its easy-to-use platform with intuitive features allows one to gain complete control of the entire admission funnel from inquiry to enrollment and double down on your institution’s efforts to attract, engage and enroll.

An Education CRM is a purpose-built solution that can empower an educational organization’s sales and marketing teams to drive more student conversions. It equips teams to be more efficient and productive by allowing them to engage contextually with prospective learners and students. It is different from a B2B Sales CRM which typically involves a long and complex cycle, used mainly by sales representatives in organizations.

A B2B Sales CRM is not designed to handle high-volume calls, data analytics, tracking, and reporting which educational organizations like Ed-Tech companies and coaching and training institutes need in today’s day and age. NoPaperForms’ B2C Education CRM solves all these problems with its deep focus on student touchpoints and their enrolment journey. It is widely used by large call center teams & on-field sales representatives and has features like Sales Execution & Automation, Sales Tracking & Performance, Marketing Automation, and Integrated Payment Management which is a unique differentiator. It empowers sales & marketing teams to fasten deal closures and track campaign effectiveness with real-time data.

NoPaperForms is the defacto choice for anyone in education looking to scale. Over 1000 educational organisations from Higher Education Institutions, Schools, Ed-Tech Companies, Coaching & Training Centres, and Educational Consultants use NoPaperForms to make their sales, marketing, admissions, finance, and operations teams more efficient, agile, and productive. Its purpose-built solutions allow them to attract, engage and enroll at scale.

An Education Chatbot is virtual, and the smartest admission counsellor, you can ever put to work, who can convert all your inbound and advertising traffic into qualified leads by contextually engaging with them on your website. Unlike other chatbots which are built as horizontal platforms, and can be used in different industries, an education chatbot understands how the education industry functions and nurtures prospects as per their requirements.

It ensures that each conversation is unique, thus, helping in capturing and strategically nurturing the candidate with a delightful counseling experience. It can be integrated into various platforms and applications besides websites, such as WhatsApp and Facebook to provide prospective students with quick and easy access to information and support 24/7/365. NoPaperForms’ NIAA, the specialised education chatbot has been made for educational organisations to help them grow their enrolments and the bottom line.

A Payment Cloud allows educational organisations to collect any type of fee whether one-time, partial, or recurring through all student touchpoints. It empowers them to make the entire fee collection process fast and equips them with the ability to forecast fee payments. It digitizes the entire fee collection process as it offers all methods of payment in one place from online, cheque/DD, to offline cash payment and instant financing.

NoPaperForms’ purpose-built Payment Cloud called Collexo features a robust reporting engine with run-time settlement reports, finance dashboards, payment workflows, automated communications, and more. Its inbuilt communication suite allows you to automate your reminder communications and send real-time emails, SMS, or even WhatsApp to your students. Trusted by over 1000 educational organisations, it is transforming the way admission fee is collected, managed, and tracked.

An EdTech CRM allows EdTech companies to get higher efficiency from their sales and marketing teams and eventually boost their enrollments and retention rates. It generally consists of features like Sales Execution & Automation, Sales Tracking & Performance, Sales Notifications, and Marketing Automation.

Unlike a generic sales CRM, NoPaperForms’ purpose-built EdTech CRM is primarily designed to super-charge Marketing Teams to attract the right audiences, run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale, and contextually nurture leads down the sales funnel. Further, it equips the Sales Teams to drive leads to closure with powerful management, performance reporting, and notifications. What stands out is its Integrated Payment Management feature that makes it easy for sales teams to actually convert students and the management teams to track the effectiveness of campaigns.

A School Admission CRM is a new-age software architected for schools of all kinds to increase their enrollments by digitizing the entire admission process. It provides a centralized platform to empower sales, marketing, admission, counseling, finance, and operations teams to scale admissions systematically and enhances your brand discovery. It also equips the stakeholders with insightful real-time reports to take strategic calls. For example, the head of counseling will get to see their team’s overall productivity or a marketing head will have access to real-time ROI through campaign optimization reports.

NoPaperForms is a trusted name in the education industry that provides a School Admission CRM feature packed with the following:

  • Streamlined inquiry generation and management
  • Higher application-to-enrolments rate
  • Enhanced brand discovery on multiple platforms
  • 360° communication with potential parents
  • Hassle-free admission and tuition fee collection

A Study Abroad CRM is a cloud-based solution for all Study abroad and educational consultants to bring together sales, marketing, admissions, counseling, finance, admission and operation teams. It equips them to manage all inbound student leads, verify documents, process applications, and payments in a single platform.

NoPaperForms purpose-built CRM for Study Abroad & Educational Consultants allows them to take control of enrollments until immigration by enabling them to do tasks like lead generation, lead nurturing, application and document management, payments in the blink of an eye so they could attract, engage and enroll students in domestic and international campuses.

A Coaching & Training Centre CRM is a cloud-based solution that acts as a unified platform for coaching businesses. It allows them to get complete visibility into center-wise operations, double down the performance of their sales & marketing teams, and enroll more. It brings teams from across multiple centers to centralise data and then empowers them to nurture students for conversion, upsell, and retention.

NoPaperForms’ purpose-built Coaching & Training Centre CRM unifies sales, marketing and counselling teams in a powerful single platform and empowers them to scale enrollments. It allows them to work towards high conversion rates all while also ensuring low drop-off rates and improved student retention. Its key features include Automated & Instant Data Exchange, Real-time Allocation of Leads, Team Hierarchy Management, Advanced Reports & Analytics, 360° Communication & Nurturing, and an Inbuilt Payment Collection Platform to make fee forecasting easy and fee collection faster.