Meet Niaa Chatbot for Education

NoPaperForms Integrated Admission Assistant
Niaa is built to intelligently engage your prospects based on their journey, providing them with a delightful counseling experience!
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Brilliant Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning

Niaa isn’t restricted to business hours and is Available 24*7*365

Niaa doesn’t let traffic be a barrier and provides Multi-channel Support

Pre-integrated WhatsApp for an even more engaging experience


Why do I need Niaa?

Unlike other chatbots for education, Niaa is built to strike a real conversation with your prospects. So instead of relying on plain chat workflows, Niaa draws its learnings from the tightly coupled NoPaperForms platform and provides an experience like no other.

strike real

Built to make support more accessible and easy, Niaa moves ahead of plain chat workflows to engage, talk, and do. With its heart at NoPaperForms’ Headquarters, it has acquired the taste of experience; and everything that it brings along.

Niaa doesn’t just know what time of the day it is, but also, a name alongside to greet your prospect.

capture your

Niaa resides within your website across pages, to capture leads effectively and directly pushes them to the Leads Manager for further nurturing. What’s more? You might take a minute to track an applicant or it’s application, but Niaa, during her tests blows that out of the water.

Niaa knows better to capture a student’s interest; and more importantly, rightly.

augment engagements
on WhatsApp

It is very likely that your prospective students use the popular messaging application WhatsApp as much as you do, and that’s where Niaa, the smartest admissions assistant comes into the picture. You could leverage Niaa’s hyper-personalized experience configuration to deliver engagement, that is more personal and efficient.

Niaa never takes a day off when on a mission to engage your prospects!

process, and not
carry out tasks

The Robust NLP that constitutes Niaa is coupled with its smartness to bring efficiency with things. While it is omnipresent and can address maybe about a thousand queries or more, but its role goes beyond to simply carry out command tasks. It processes things on multiple levels before initiating a conversation or closing one. All in the blink of an eye!

Lightening is Niaa-fast.

“I am the most advanced admission
assistant you’ll ever meet”

Niaa comes with it’s own

Real Time
ROI Module

Calculate the ROI of Niaa in real time with a one of its kind ROI dashlet. Measure engagements, keep a track of sessions consumed, and the exact Cost per Lead (CPL) and Cost per Application (CPA). What’s more, Niaa also shows the bifurcation of web and WhatsApp sessions separately so that you know where exactly your students engage the most.

Niaa ROI Module
engagement redefined

Niaa on WhatsApp

Candidates can click on the WhatsApp icon to directly open the chat with a pre-populated message and start the conversation with Niaa instantly from your mobile website. You can also advertise a direct chat URL for Niaa. Candidates can visit the page and start talking.

Furthermore, you could also save the contact, and start a conversation like you do with any other friend. See, we told you Niaa has a human touch!

Niaa on WhatsApp

Institutions across the country trust Niaa for engaging their prospects!

The smartest admission assistant,
now on WhatsApp .


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Unlike other chat bots, I can
strike (and hold) a real conversation
I am Multi-talented (duh!), even if you have hundreds of prospects, I can handle them all,
at the same time
Powerful NLP Algorithms

I understand the student intent and
deliver information within seconds

niaa Advance
I am adaptive I gel with your existing brand theme
I am independent, I train myself
and get better with every interaction
and most importantly, I am there 24*7*365, even while you are away