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We share a common vision with our partners towards making a difference and revolutionising the admission process. Hear what they have to say about their journey with us.
 NoPaperForms Client Testimonials
tv gopal
Prof. T.V. Gopal
Former Director (Admissions)

This is to inform that SRM University has entrusted the application management assignment for the admission year 2017 to Nopaperforms.com. The total number of applications to be handled across multiple streams and multiple campuses are close to 2,00,000 (Two Lakhs only). This enormous amount of work and responsibility is handled in a very professional manner by NoPaperForms and the reliability of the application management system is excellent. It is feature-rich and the way the customization happens is too amazing.

You name a feature, nopaperforms.com has it. As the name indicates SRM University admission has undoubtedly become a “No Paper” admission system. The project manager, the development team, accounts team, tech-support team and all those directly or indirectly involved in this project are rising to all our highly critical and demanding situations and we are fully satisfied with nopaperforms.com.

The nopaperforms.com application management system is highly secured and all the concerns of data leakage, data integrity and compatibility are addressed to the satisfaction of SRM University.

We look forward to working with them in the years to come.

SRM University strongly recommends nopaperforms.com to be the numero uno for all the application management solutions for any university in India and may be world too.

Vineeta Sharma
Vineeta Sharma
Director Marketing

Being a marketer, I believe in numbers and with digital media replacing the traditional modes of advertisement, real-time analytics and actionable insights are the weapons with which a marketer fights her/his battles in an industry, as volatile as education.

Having been associated with NoPaperForms for nearly 3 years now, I have witnessed its transformation from a simple application form filling portal, to its complete evolution as the end-to-end enrolment management platform.

The reason for their success, I believe, is their timely response to client needs and the education industry background that their core team has. The various modules and dashboards that they have developed to meet our requirements, provide us a ease of working and clarity in campaign management.

This has enabled my team to keep a control on our various lead and application sources on real-time basis. We hope that they will continue to grow and revolutionize the education industry.

neeraj jain
Neeraj Singh
Director Admissions

When Mr. Neeraj Singh was asked about his experience with NoPaperForms.

Why Education Specific CRM is required?
Education specific CRMs help Institutes establish and manage communications with aspirants, pre-and-post admissions. It’s a basic need to have customized and personalized approach to each aspirant and herein comes the use of customer relationship management (CRM) software.

How impactful was NPF in streamlining the Admissions Management process at REVA University?
NPF comes with a built-in integrated tracking tools and helps track leads through various student engagement programs, irrespective of digital or print or in-person events and evaluate their feasibility.

How user friendly is NPF in terms of CRM deployment & usage by Admission Teams?
This must begin with 5/5. The CRM deployment and usage by Admission Team has been productive and time-and-cost efficient, at ease. It’s really worthy and wonderful to have NPF as a virtual team member within the Admissions Team.

How is the service & support by NPF team?
NPF team is highly dedicated and really works for customer success. At many times, we have witnessed support 24X7 form the team. Nevertheless, the monthly reports (insights) developed and shared by NPF is wonderful.

Features that were key to Reva University? process
The Campaign Management tool within NPF is an important and unique feature which helps project detailed insight with transparency. It not only gives an intelligence to the Institute but also to the Publishers.

Why NoPaperForms?
NPF is really an amazingly powerful CRM, if properly leveraged, can provide valuable insights about our students or applicants. NPF helps deliver high-quality 360° service by making follow-ups and seamless customized end-to-end communications for every inquiry and also preserves a record of every enhanced communication, at ease.

We shifted our application management from internal ERP based form to NoPaperForms’ cloud. From on-boarding the platform to internal staff training sessions, they have provided exemplary service and support to make this transition smooth and effortless.

They are prompt in action and take feedback seriously and are very committed to their work. The platform is unique in itself with the various level of tracking mechanisms and customizable views and various reports.

BIMTECH is delighted to be a part of NoPaperForms’ mission of #PaperlessEnrolment in the country. We wish them good luck in their endeavor.

manoj kumar pandey
Prof. Manoj Kumar Pandey
Chairperson-Corporate Communications
abhay chebbi
Abhay Chebbi
Director Admissions

When Mr. Abhay Chebbi was asked about his experience with NoPaperForms.

Why Education Specific CRM is required ?
Abhay Chebbi: One-size-fits-all is a myth. An education specific CRM brings the benefits of best practices not only from India but also abroad.“Buying” or choosing a program and school/university as a process by a student is not a straight line process, its rather layered in stages. Hence a customized CRM that understand the student and parent psyche is very important.

How impactful was NPF in streamlining the Admissions Management process at Alliance University?
Abhay Chebbi: Most often than not, we tend to mix-up our process flow. NPF helped us in this as it had predefined set processes that alsoreduced the use of additional manpower at places.

How user friendly is NPF in terms of CRM deployment & usage by Admission Teams?
Abhay Chebbi: Deployment and transition did take about a month’s time but post that NPF did a great job at giving us hands-on training andthey continue to do so virtually and face-to-face.

How Impactful was Analytics Reports available on Run Time?
Abhay Chebbi: These reports are very helpful in course correction; planning; identifying trends and also in taking decision. You have to havesomeone looking into these reports regularly.

Features that were key to Alliance University process?
Abhay Chebbi: Lead Management; Campaign Management

In a nutshell – Why NPF?
Abhay Chebbi: Great product and a team that wants you to succeed.

Birla Global University appreciates the efforts being given by you in establishing the brand. You managed to overcome the challenges supposed to be faced as a New brand in the competitive environment, simply because of your hard work and team work.

University also appreciate you for client supports system. It has been a great experience working with Nopaperforms for last one year and we look forward for a long term association. It is a user friendly platform with great features.

Nopaperform is one of the strongest partners of Birla Global University. University Wishes best of Luck to NoPaperForms and the team members for all future endeavours.

pradipta sanyal
Dr. Pradipta Kumar Sanyal
Chairperson Centre for Admissions
birla global university
himadri das
Dr. Himadri Das
Director General

NoPaperForms has been a big boon for driving accountability with our online content partners who run admission campaigns for us. With the attribution analysis possible through NoPaperForms, we have real time view on the number of verified leads and completed applications coming from each online partner. This helps us measure the effectiveness of each partner and take informed pricing decisions.

Thanks to NoPaperForms we have been able to rationalize our online campaign spends. The customer service provided by NoPaperForms on all aspects related to the entire admission process has been excellent. This is the second year we are using them and have had a great experience.

Gulshan Sehgal IIHMR
Gulshan Sehgal
Strategy, Marketing and Admissions Advisor
Gulshan Sehgal IIHMR

As with our disciplinary diversity in the campus that brings us a holistic understanding of health, development, management and public policy, our experiences with ERPs and point solutions to manage admissions brought us to the understanding of what, in true essence constitutes an enrolment solution. And it is with Team NoPaperForms that we have a solution just right in place now: A solution that is end to end and comprehensive.

The onboarding process was quite surprising; as we expected it to take time and effort but guess what: the seamlessness is more than just a thought. It is a practice, a design embedded in the product and the transition from there on has been quite phenomenal: we were up and running in no time.

Admissions are complex, and it would be, for anyone without a solution meant to
solve the problems that come with it.

We are glad we have found our solution: NoPaperForms.”

ankur saxena
Dr. Sanjeev Singhal
Director, Admission & Counselling
Sage University

SAGE University, Indore has shifted application management from internal ERP based form to NoPaperForms’ in 2020. Even in this coronavirus pandemic their client support team is very friendly and their interface is user-friendly and we have been able to perform many multifarious tasks with the highest ease. They have also supported us with exam Modules, we believe that by implementing NoPaperForms we have saved a large number of working hours of the admission cycle.

NoPaperForms has been a big help for fixing accountability with our digital marketing partners who run admission campaigns for SAGE University. With the help of NoPaperForms, we have a real-time view on the number of verified leads and completed applications coming from each online admission partner and help us in taking rationalize decisions on our online campaign spends.

Sourabh Rungta

Switching from an entirely offline application process, we thought it might be daunting but we are glad that this has been a great experience with NoPaperForms. Everything about the onboarding was quick, so it’s the solution that can immediately get you up and running in no time. A dedicated team made it easy for us to transition and find success with the platform.

The onboarding process was quite surprising; as we expected it to take time and effort but guess what: the seamlessness is more than just a thought. It is a practice, a design embedded in the product and the transition from there on has been quite phenomenal: we were up and running in no time.

Rungta Group of Institutions is one of the fastest-growing education providers in Chattisgarh of Central India and with our partnership with NoPaperForms, we’ve been able to scale our admissions beyond what was once possible.

Our teams are now connected more than ever, even when on the go. We never miss a pulse of what’s going on with our marketing campaigns, counseling efforts, and applications. Nothing slips through the cracks and with the real-time data that’s available on our Dashboards for a myriad of things, we’ve been able to make quick and informed decisions about optimizing and pivoting when needed. It’s exactly the reason how we thrived with minimal impact in the new world order today.

Shagufta Ashraf K
Branding & Digital Marketing Head
lexicon mile

The proactive and collaborative approach that NPF has imbibed in it’s team make them a great partner to Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence.

Team has been extremely supportive throughout the campaign and has acted as a Partner providing valuable suggestion and guidance to help us optimize our efficiency.

This platform made performance measurement so easy for us.

We have implemented NoPaperForms CRM for our Admissions and truly satisfied. It has made the complete admission activity more streamlined. We able to spend more time engaging with the prospects, communicating timely & closing more admissions. NPF team is always responsive, they understand and keep us guided.

We wish them all the best for the future.

pintu bose
Pintu Bose
Vice President- Sales & Marketing