EdTech CRM: B2C CRM to Attract, Sell and Retain More

One Unified Platform for Student Acquistion, Retention, and Upsell.
One Unified Platform
Purpose Built for Call Centre Teams
360° Communication Suite
Plug-n-Play Telephony Systems
E-commerce Module for Upsells
Inbuilt Payment Workflow Builder
Track & Automate Student Journey
Advanced Reports & Analytics Engine

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A Purpose Built B2C EdTech CRM for You to Attract, Engage and Enrol more!

The industry is flooded with B2B sales CRMs primarily designed to sell to enterprises/organisations which revolve around mapping the contacts, defining quota, and deal management, typically, for a longer sales cycle. These CRMs are basically for sales representatives who work on a limited set of accounts with a longer conversion cycle.

NoPaperForms B2C EdTech CRM is primarily designed to empower EdTech businesses, call centres, marketing teams, to grow enrolments. It is a unified platform with all features required for your business to grow. With intuitive UI and super easy to use tools like student interest score, student journey builder, 360 degree communication platform with integrated telephony platform, inbuilt payment stack, remarketing connectors and webhooks, enable your teams to sell better and faster – without worrying about any third party integration. NoPaperForms comes with Advanced Report Builder which empowers your teams with advanced performance analytics for every aspect of your business – sales funnel movement, call centre productivity reports, upsell opportunities, source wise performance, student activities and more.

EdTech CRM >> Lead Acquisition

Ensure Zero Lead Leakage

Centralise, manage, and distribute your incoming enquiries across different channels – online, offline, education marketplaces, digital agencies, social media on a unified platform. Eliminate lead duplication completely through primary, secondary and tertiary source attribution and empower your teams to easily monitor the lead source performances, optimize lead nurturing workflows and enrol more learners, without having to rely on traditional sales CRMs or third party point solutions.

Lead Centralisation
Real Time Source Tracking
Dynamic Distribution
Quality Lead Flow
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EdTech CRM >> Lead Allocation

Smart Allocation and Nudges

Ensure no missed opportunities by automating lead distribution to counsellors/sales agents: either in a round robin manner or dynamically, based on your preferred custom logic. Automate your leads to be assigned based on location, course requirements, and preferred language. The inbuilt AI judges the intent of the lead and nudges your team to intervene, at the right time!

Dynamic Lead Allocation
Round Robin/Business Logics
One View Lead Profile
Lead Score & Strength
EdTech CRM >> Sales Funnel Management

Automate the Complete Sales Cycle

With a complete visibility of the entire student journey, automate your sales cycle with ease. Change your engagement strategy based on student action, automatically move them up or down the funnel based on their intent and engagement level and more. What’s more, enable hyper personalised and strategic communication at each step of the process.

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EdTech CRM >> Unified Communication Suite

360° communication with your prospects

Personalise your communication across multiple channels in a targeted manner to maximise your enrolments. Engage with your prospects wherever they are via Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Outbound Calls and more. Run hyper targeted ads via in built Google and Facebook remarketing connectors. You can also track everyday progress with real-time analytics and accordingly, optimize your communications.

Email, SMS Templates
WhatsApp Business API
Remarketing Connectors
Niaa – AI Chatbot
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Measure, Benchmark, & Enhance the productivity of your teams

360° Visibility with insight-driven Dashboards. Stay on top of your team wise performance with robust Reports & Analytics. Identify the best performing sales agents, the bottlenecks, and take strategic calls in real time.

Real Time Performance Tracking
Missed Opportunity Analysis
Sales Rep wise Performance
Team wise Reports

Empower your team by Unlocking Cross-sell Opportunities

Intuitive AI features built into NoPaperForms EdTech CRM enable you to identify cross sell signals and create opportunities. Sell more courses by smartly identifying the student’s intent. What’s more, you can segment candidates based on their interest and nurture them for a related course after any given period of time. This serves as an opportunity to enrol candidates who have benefitted from a previous course into a new one relevant to their career.

ICP Identification
Smart Nudges
Real Time Allocation
Cross-sell/Upsell Signals
Increased CLTV

One Unified Platform for Students

Empower your candidates to keep a track of their end-to-end journey with a highly configurable centralised dashboard. Improve student experience and increase retention at every step with a single view dashboard to apply, track, communicate, and purchase more courses.

Single Login for multiple courses
E-commerce Platform
Query Management System
Instant Notifications
CRM for EdTech >> Application Automation

Custom Enrolment Journey Workflows

Whether you have a document approval process, or an online interview round – create course/program specific enrolment journeys within minutes with the drag and drop workflow builder. Enable/Disable workflows as per the requirements and watch it unfold on the Student Portal in real time.

Virtual Post Application Platform
Online Interviews & Meetings
Assessment Connectors
Conditional Workflow Builder
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CRM for EdTech >> Identity Verification

Automate KYC and Identity verification via Aadhar

Empower your candidates to directly fetch their documents from DigiLocker. Since these are already pre-verified documents, the need to physically authenticate each and every piece of document is eliminated.

With Aadhaar Authentication, your prospective students can verify their Aadhaar details in a single-click, without needing to upload any files or share any details. It is secure, flexible and takes less than a minute.

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Create Powerful Payment Workflows

Create conditional payment workflows right from the inbuilt payment manager and collect any type of fee within seconds. Configure discounts, create simplified payment plans, and launch new programs/offerings in just a few clicks.

Conditional Workflow Builder
Instant Financing (No Cost and Interest based EMIs)
Multiple Payment Modes
One View Reconciliation Dashboard
Automated Receipt/Invoicing
Finance Dashboard
CRM for EdTech >> Payment Management

Payments, Simplified!

NoPaperForms provides a Unified Payment Stack purposely built for tech first EdTech businesses. No more toggling between multiple payment gateways, digital/offline windows for you or your students. Empower all your stakeholders with custom payment dashboards, reconcilliation reports, transaction summaries, all on a single platform.

Provide a frictionless experience to your prospects with a gamut of payment options enabled directly on the Student Portal.

CRM for EdTech >> Financing

Enrol More with easy monthly payment plans

Empower students to pay their fees instantly or later in easy monthly instalments with collateral-free access to loans with instant online approval. The students get to pay via flexible payment plans, while you get the full fee upfront.

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Keep a track of your field force and optimise their bandwidth

Track all the activities that impact your business without breaking any sweat. Increase the efficiency of your field agents working on ground. Automate your field team’s daily tasks – plan their day, show them leads in their vicinity, automate check-ins and more. With the NoPaperForms mobile app, you can map their location and view their route, as well as the date and time.

Automate Check-in and Check-out
Geo Tracking and Route Planning
Productivity Reports – Team View
Push Notifications
CRM for EdTech >> Field Force Tracking

Automated Check-in Check-out with Attendance Management

Empower your field teams to mark their attendance from anywhere with check-in/check-out functionality. Track their routes with minute level geo tracking and fencing. Set workday templates to define how their day would progress. Furthermore, the app automatically checks in the agent provided that they are at the correct location.

Send automated reminders to your sales team with push notifications and track the attendance directly on the NoPaperForms Mobile App without having to rely on any third party solution or service.

CRM for EdTech >> AI based Chatbot

Engage and Convert more with Niaa

Connect with your candidates through our AI-based chatbot- Niaa. Niaa is available 24*7 & can be integrated across Web, WhatsApp, and Facebook to engage with your prospects without any manual intervention. Convert visitors into leads and nurture them until conversion, all while optimising ROI in real-time.

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CRM for EdTech >> Mobile CRM

Mobile App

Whether your counsellors are working from home, on the ground, at events or on campus, everything they need to do to contextually engage candidates is just a tap away.

From accessing and updating leads, making calls, adding voice notes or follow-ups to tracking visits and sending emails, SMS or WhatsApp in a single click — your counsellors can do all that and much more with the NoPaperForms Mobile App.

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