Drive your Admission Marketing Campaigns in Real Time

Run Progressive Campaigns instead of spending on the basis of assumptions. Bring in real time optimisation of your admission marketing campaigns and spends, and accountability of processes.
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Tracking your Campaigns

The advanced utilities allow you to automatically capture the UTM parameters for all your paid campaigns and the NoPaperForms’ Tracking Code on all your properties ensures that the organic, direct, social, referral channels are taken care of.

With access to the performance of all your publishers, measure and benchmark numbers in a single snapshot. Identify the campaign stars and the under-performers and take strategic calls to optimise your admission marketing budgets without having to fish out a calculator.

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Conversion Tracking

Lead source attribution is one of the most common problems that any marketer faces, when multiple campaigns are running across various channels. NoPaperForms’ revolutionary module stores up to 3 source instances of the same lead in the system, enabling you to find out the number of duplicate lead attempts and their respective channel source.

Identify the Lead to Application conversion and with real time enrolment mapping, you have deeper insights into the quality of your sources.

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Property Wise Tracking

While most higher education CRMs or solutions do not even support simple source tracking, with NoPaperForms, the fun doesn’t end just with tracking your ad campaigns. With Advanced Marketing Analytics, keep a track of property wise ROI for each source that you invest in.

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NoPaperForms has been a big boon for driving accountability with our online content partners who run admission campaigns for us. With the attribution analysis possible through NoPaperForms, we have real time view on the number of verified leads and completed applications coming from each online partner. This helps us measure the effectiveness of each partner and take informed pricing decisions.

– Dr. Himadri Das, Director General, IMI New Delhi

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Comparative Benchmarking

So you’ve identified the stars and the top performers, it’s time you compare individual performances. Get a single unified view of all your publishers and benchmark them to identify the gaps. You can compare the delivery of all your education marketing agencies with the intuitive Comparative Benchmarking Dashboard and facilitate your marketing budget allocation.

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Acquisition Techniques

Education Marketers often tend to ignore the fact that the way you acquire your leads has a huge impact on your conversions. The Dynamic Tracking Code of NoPaperForms tracks each origin source and allows you to take strategic calls accordingly. Is API is working for you, or maybe you are better off with Redirection, or are your offline uploads delivering the best results? Revisit your Lead Acquisition Techniques with the Campaign Manager and streamline your admission marketing efforts.

Publisher Panel
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The Publisher Panel

A separate panel for each of your publishers to track leads they have generated real-time. They can find out the primary, secondary, and tertiary instances of a lead all while the lead data is masked to ensure high data privacy for you and highest level transparency for them.

Not just this, your partners get access to multiple metrics so that they can analyse their performance. Bring in accountability for their marketing efforts!

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