Personalize Engagement with Marketing Automation

Automate personalised, targeted marketing communication to prospective students to improve engagement and scale your enrolments.
 Marketing Automation for Educational Institutions

How does Marketing Automation empower
Educational Institutions?

Typically, educational institutions acquire leads for their programmes from multiple sources. Due to limited resources, their nurturing efforts are limited to bulk emails, SMSes, and one-on-one calls/ WhatsApp messages. The lack of personalization and untimely response results in poor engagement, spamming, and lost opportunities. These eventually impact your marketing ROIs, brand reputation, and enrolments.

With NoPaperForms Marketing Automation platform, you can automate focused and personalized communication to your prospective students based on their profile details, behavior, and activity via multiple channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notifications. Personalized and timely engagement provides a supreme experience to your candidates, improves your brand recall and bolsters their decision to join your institution.

Experience 360° Marketing Automation for Admissions

Automate engagement for your prospective students across channels to ensure multiple touchpoints that lead to faster and increased conversions.

Reaching out


Automate emails based on prospects' admission journey

Reaching out


Nurture prospects through multilingual text messages

Reaching out

WhatsApp Business API

Engage with immersive messaging on WhatsApp

Reaching out

Push notifications

Ensure prompt applicant and counsellor actions

Marketing automation flow

NoPaperForms Marketing Automation Platform at a glance

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