Make Engagements Dynamic with WhatsApp Business API

Add a personal touch to engage your prospective students with the power of WhatsApp at your fingertips: rich media, notifications, and more to nurture them throughout the application process.
Make Engagements Dynamic with WhatsApp Business API
Information when needed

Facilitate Information when Needed

Allow your prospects to reach out and request information about your institution and delight with them instant automated responses based on their inputs.

Share necessary information about the submitted application, payment receipts, offer letters, or deadline reminders through each stage of the process. All, through your account, with a verified badge, and the power of WhatsApp Chatbot for admissions.

create and run

Engagement Campaigns

Advance your marketing automation to foster your institution’s community with pre-parked templates. Our robust technology allows you to reliably and flexibly automate your campaigns based on workflows where each message or communication is triggered for an activity.

Prospect has started filling the form?
How about a personalized message to delight them with more about your institution? What has emerged as the go-to messaging app for over 1.6 billion consumers around the globe, could be exactly where you could deliver omni-channel experiences to your prospective students.

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Engagement Conditional Campaigns
Rich Media
easy and delightful

Rich Media Messaging

WhatsApp Business API brings all the features of WhatsApp to your fingertips. Once configured for your institution, you could share alluring images or documents while communicating with your students.

That’s not all. You could send an audio or a video journey to further engage the prospects. Or, share the location of the GD/PI venue or of your examination center or guide the student to the college location per se. Emote better with emojis to further enhance your communication and outreach efforts as per your audiences.

The possibilities are endless!

create and save

Custom Communication Templates

You could design and park templates in the system and choose to send them whenever you want to at a click! Whether it’s a welcome message or a reminder for an application deadline, you could have all such repetitively used communication armed to be used anytime. The use of token allows you to make it personal every time!

Whatsapp Templates
Campus Assist
your very own

Virtual Campus Assist

Is distance keeping your students away from considering your institution? Eliminate the need for the physical visit and assist your prospects with rich media communications about your infrastructure– the library, the hostel dorms, or even the classrooms!

Let your prospective students be awe in the beauty or legacy of your institution no matter where they are.