Digital Media Planning Guide for Higher Education Marketing


A marketing campaign is a doorway to many opportunities indeed but there are also inherent challenges with these methods of marketing.

Optimizing Higher Education Marketing Campaigns can be exhausting. So could be surfing for solutions all along, looking for just the right set of hints to tip you off on the right track. If you’ve wondered how is that you could leverage the most out of your marketing campaigns, the guide is all that you could ever ask for.

Do you find usually find yourself in a web with these questions?


  • Are your lead generating sources still asking you to calculate your ROI based on traffic stats?
  • Do you still measure your expenditure in excel sheets and rely on V-Lookup for identifying conversions?
  • Are you effectively measuring the worth of your campaigns based on the real metrics: CPL, CPVL, CPA, CPE?
  • Are You Eliminating Duplicity from all Incoming Leads?
  • Are you correctly able to Identify and invest on sources with higher verification rate?
  • Offline vs Online Marketing? Where should I invest more?

Here’s how our Media Planning Guide is going to help you:


  • Important Do’s and Dont’s for Admission Marketing
  • Best Industry Practices for running Progressive Campaigns
  • Your definitive guide to ensuring Data Validity
  • Impact of Data Acquisition Techniques on Verified Leads and Conversions
  • Verifying Student Intent with proper Lead Filtration Techniques
  • Admission Marketing Checklist for Identifying Bottlenecks and Increasing ROI