Admission Management Software

Or as we also call it, an Enrollment Cloud. This is all that you need to take control of the entire funnel from inquiry to enrollment and double down on your institution’s efforts to attract, engage, and enroll students on a single platform.

What is Admission Management Software & Why Do You Need It?

Admissions are changing. Right from the way students are interacting with institutions, to how institutions are managing the entire admission process, every aspect is evolving day by day. There are multiple stakeholders involved throughout the admission journey, who use scattered solutions and work in their own silos. This leads to a systemic disconnect between the stakeholders, mismanagement and inefficiency of processes, assumption-based decision making, and poor conversions. All of this ultimately leads to a negative and broken candidate experience.

Admission is a unified process, and should be managed using a unified platform. An Admission Management Software helps you achieve exactly that. With a range of features that enable you to manage the entire student journey, it brings in efficiency, takes your teams to one platform, and helps you scale your admissions!

Traditional approach of admission management
Evolved approach using admission management system

NoPaperForms provides a unified Comprehensive Enrolment Automation Platform that helps you automate and manage the entire admission cycle, from enquiry to enrolment.

Education CRM

Drive your conversions with the most advanced CRM built specifically for the education industry. Personalise and nurture more efficiently than ever.

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Application Automation

Managing and scaling your admissions has never been this easy. Let your prospects undergo an interactive experience and observe the status of all applications in real time at one place.

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Post Application Automation

Manage your shortlisting, examinations, merit lists, slot booking and declare results, all at one place. Plan paperless GD-PI and evaluations. Share documents like admit card, interview call letter, provisional enrolment letter, etc. Accept token fee payments and manage refunds online. All this can happen virtually too!

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  • Consolidated Chat History
  • Natural Language
  • Request a Callback
  • ROI Module
  • URL Personalization
  • WhatsApp Integration

Automate student engagement with a conversational chatbot for education. Meet the smartest admission assistant that nurtures your incoming leads effortlessly 24/7/365.

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Use Extensions for seamless integrations with lead generation websites for education, chatbots, cloud telephony, exam vendors, payment gateways, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Security and Intelligence Services (SIS). These simple yet powerful plug-and-play extensions go a long way in centralising your data and increasing your efficiency.

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  • Exam Platforms
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Plugins
  • In-App Calling
  • Email, SMS & WhatsApp
  • Caller ID
  • Lead & Application Manager
  • Voice Search
  • Voice Notes
  • Check in/Check out
  • Push Notifications
  • Counsellor Dashboard
Mobile App

Connect and nurture your prospective students on the go with just a tap. Keep a track of your admission health and marketing spends with intuitive dashboards. Download the app to know more.

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Enrollment Cloud, explained in minutes!

If you’re still unsure about how it can help you grow your enrollments, here’s a quick video from one of our enrollment experts for you to get a quick recap of everything you need to know.