Create powerful forms with a drag and drop Form Builder

With the NoPaperForms’ Advanced Form Builder, design your forms: accessible from any device, integrated to all data sources. Provide an exceptional form filling experience and increase your conversions.
 Advanced Form Builder for Student Application
Advance Form Builder
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Scalable Custom Templates

Choose from 100+ templates and start building your admission application form online instantly. One click configuration allows you to take your admissions online in under 15 minutes.

Customise the forms as per the different courses of your institute. Manage single page, multi-step forms, or conditional forms. With Smart Form creation, enable field-based conditional logics at every step of the way.

Drag and Drop
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Drag and Drop Form Builder

Did not find anything interesting in the templates? Well, use the intuitive Drag and Drop Form Builder to design your own online forms such as application forms, registration forms, recruitment forms, surveys, feedback forms etc in an efficient and smart manner making them accessible on any device, at any time. Manage validations to support data accuracy in individual fields on your forms. Your application forms are a major entity the prospects engage with the most and NoPaperForms, with it’s complete set of features, makes gathering and accessing of data easy.

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Configurable, Scalable

Optimise forms for seamless user experience across all handheld and mobile devices to allow access from anywhere, anytime. NoPaperForms allows multiple configurations to accommodate any conditions that you have be it as simple as making a field mandatory or non-mandatory based on user input. Configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages based on user selection. You surely wouldn’t want an applicant filling in a form with city= ‘Kolkata; but state=‘New Delhi’!

Want to get your hands dirty?
Well, you can even add custom conditions by diving into the settings and adding your own codes. The robust system architecture helps you Configure, Customise, Build, and Scale. The possibilities are endless!

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Real Time Auto Save
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Real Time Auto Save

Give applicants the ease and comfort by auto-saving the form and fill it later on return. All forms auto save the candidate information instantly without the applicants having to even click on the Save Button. This not only gives your applicants flexibility, but also provides an amazing form filling experience.

Document Manager
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Powerful Documents Manager

Allow Quick Upload of supporting documents like scanned certificate copy, mark-sheets, photograph, signature, capture documents in PDF format for Challan etc. Just like all other form fields, you can build logics to allow uploads based on the candidate’s selection. Reduce the administrative overhead of departments by minimizing the use of paper.

NoPaperForms is the only education platform that comes pre-integrated with Digilocker. Applicants can directly fetch their digital documents in their application form anytime, anywhere. This is convenient and time saving.

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Pre, Mid, or Post Payment

Let’s face it. Every instituion has their own process of applications and we know that your process might be different even for each of the course offerings. Enjoy the flexibility of configuring your forms just the way you want with Pre, Mid, and Post Payment Options. Want to collect the application fee first and then allow the student to fill the form? Or, get some basic information, collect the fee, and then let the student carry on with the form?

The possibilities are endless!