Candidate Dashboard tailored for your prospects

Equip your prospects to be able to drive actions and support their decision making with a one-glance dashboard that presents existing information and alerts on the next obvious action.
Candidate Dashboard tailored for your prospects
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One View Candidate Dashboard

Another Industry First, the NoPaperForms Candidate Dashboard serves as the central hub for your applicants for all their activity. Enhance the student experience by providing them with the ease of access to essential information on the next steps or stages. With multiple features and its subsets, your applicants never lose sight of the purpose of enrolling in your institution. Insights into the current application progress, the option to submit documents, resubmit, or change application fields is all visible in plain sight to your prospects making it all easy and user friendly.

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Real Time Visibility

Give your applicants visual reminders of to-do items. Enable easy monitoring of key information like: one click access to application stage, application status, exam status among others. The entire experience becomes so seamless that the Candidate Dashboard becomes a single point of contact for the student. Gone are the days when they had to call you up and try to know their current status.


Query Management System

Make your support even more accessible with a dedicated Query Management System. Allow your candidates to drop their queries right from their dashboard and the real time notifications keep them updated as to when you’ve replied to their queries.

The Candidate Dashboard is also equipped with links to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and displays metrics at a glance, which cuts down on the time spent recreating searches or queries. So, everything your prospects need to do is readily available from a single screen!

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Post Application Actions

You candidates can access their acknowledgment letters, application form or the GD-call letter right from their dashboard with a single login, they don’t have to sit through searching for the emails or go through paper files. Provide them the flexibility to book their exam slots instantly or choose their own interview timings.

Fee Payments made easy! Whether it’s the Registration Fee, First Instalment fee, or even the Hostel Fee, they could simply login to their account and make payments right from the dashboard in clicks, all while the entire activity and data are instantly updated to your system as well.

Post Application Actions
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Hyper Customisations

Give your applicants the same look and feel in sync with your existing brand guidelines on their Dashboard. Customise the color palette of the Student Portal with an entire gamut of colors, provide relevant information about the campus and courses.